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The Construction of the Robot in Language and Culture, “Intercultural Robotics” and the “Third Robot Culture”

Lin Cheng
Robots are not only technological artifacts, but also elements of human culture. They play important roles such as being the double, replica, tool and companion of humans. The anthropomorphic characteristics of robots lead to philosophical thinking, linguistic and (inter-) cultural phenomena. Inspiration can be drawn from exploring how robots are imagined, defined, described, comprehended, constructed or misunderstood, and from observing the changing relationships between humans and robots from an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective. For instance,...

The Blurring of the Boundaries between Humans and Robots is a Good Thing and a New Species would be Born: An Interview with Hiroshi Ishiguro

Hui Jiang, Lin Cheng & Hiroshi Ishiguro
The documentary Philosophy in the Age of Desire records a short encounter between Hiroshi Ishiguro and Markus Gabriel in 2018. Their exchange on the role of technology in human life, on the conception of human being, and other topics revealed noticeable differences between the German philosopher and the Japanese engineer. Four years later two separate interviews follow up on their conversation. In this interview, Hiroshi Ishiguro makes several points: First, there is no clear definition...

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