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Psychological Features of the Regulative Mechanisms Emerging in Digital Space

Nadezhda Pokrovskaia & Artem Tyulin
Since the Spring of 2020 and due to the Pandemic, the massive transition to online spaces has magnified the issue of the influence of digital regulation on the choice of behavior on the Internet as a special cultural and symbolic environment. The article presents a theoretical analysis of regulatory mechanisms in the digital environment. It discusses the main problem of choosing behavioral models in cyberspace. The purpose of the research is thus to systematize psychological...

Claiming Infinity: Tokens and spells in the foundations of the Moscow Mathematical School

Walker Trimble
The Moscow Mathematical School, led by Dmitri Egorov, made tremendous strides in the development of set theory in the period around the Russian Revolutions. The concepts of transfinite sets and absolute infinity have long had a controversial association with religion, namely in the explicit theological statements of the founder of set theory, Georg Cantor. However, several recent studies have argued that the Moscow School was instrumentally shaped by a sect called the “Name Worshippers”. Here...

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