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Engineering Education - Сonvergence of Technology and Language

Eduard Krylov
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language demonstrates the close relationship between technology and language with just a few examples from engineering education. Just like a name becomes meaningful in the context of a sentence, the meaning of an engineering object depends on external circumstances. This relation between technology and language is not the same in all Engineering cultures and languages, however – as testified by the differences between engineering education in...

Teaching English as a Language for Mechanical Engineering

Eduard Krylov, Liudmila Khalyapina & Alfred Nordmann
Engineering education usually includes the acquisition of a foreign language for a transnational professional discourse. Engineering education also involves the acquisition of competencies to compose functional technical systems from component parts. This paper provides a conceptual and empirical exploration of a synergistic effect between these two learning processes. It proposes that engineering education draw upon and incorporates this synergy. A pilot training course confirms that this leads to a faster development of the overall engineering...

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