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Utopian Grammars of Human-Machine Interaction

Christopher Coenen & Aleksandra Kazakova
In his essay in the inaugural issue of this journal, Alfred Nordmann suggests that we can speak of a language of mechanics and that machines – in which, according to Franz Reuleaux, movement is domesticated or civilized – can be conceived of as structures that enable the self-expression of things, or as elements of a grammar of things. He points out that the journal is dedicated to exploring interactions between the sphere of ideas (of...

Diverse Cultures, Universal Capacity: An Interview with Markus Gabriel

Yue Li & Markus Gabriel
The documentary Philosophy in the Age of Desire records a short encounter between Markus Gabriel and Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Geminoid in 2018. Their exchange on the role of technology in human life, on the conception of human being, and other topics revealed noticeable differences between the German philosopher and the Japanese engineer, but can these be interpreted as “cultural” differences? Four years later two separate interviews follow up on their conversation, This interview explores their differences...

Affirming and Denying the Hybrid Character of Robots: Literary Investigations

Yue Li
The social relation between humans and robots can be observed through the words used in the human-robot verbal interaction (Coeckelbergh, 2011). This study reviews Mark Coeckelbergh’s theory in the literary context by regarding writing and co-writing as linguistic interaction between humans and robots. It argues that the fictional as well as documented real writing experiences reveal not only the intuitive but also the normative dimension of the language. Two works of contemporary literature involving linguistic...

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