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The Concept, Types and Rules of the Use of Technical Means in Criminal Proceedings

Vyacheslav Ivanov & Vladislav Tsoi
This article examines the concept of "technical means" in the framework of criminal proceedings, both in science and at the legislative level, as well as the types of technical means used in criminal proceedings (search tools, fixation devices, research methods, auxiliary methods, etc.), as well as the general and special conditions and rules of application of these means. The works of prominent specialists in the field of criminal procedure and forensic science on this topic...

A word at the limit

Tatiana Kazarina
The article discusses the reasons for the pronounced interest of cubo-futurists in the possibilities of the poetic word and the nature of their experiments with linguistic material. The author proceeds from the fact that for the artists of the early Russian avant-garde, the laws of language and the system of cultural conventions are an artificially created barrier that protects the sphere of human existence from the surplus of naturally emanating energy. This protects society from...

The Grammar of Behavior as a Theoretical Notion

Andrei Serikov
Many researchers of human behavior lack empirical data in the form of descriptions of actually observed behaviors and their generalizations. Fictional narratives could be used as a source of empirical descriptive data, and their analysis naturally results in the formulation of some "grammar of behavior." The purpose of this paper is to explore the possibility to use the notion of behavioral grammar in a strict scientific sense. Since the notion of grammar comes from linguistics,...

Technology as Semiosis

Alexander Nesterov
This essay for the inaugural issue of Technology and Language develops a systematic conception of technology, both as the human way of being in the world and in its historical development. As such it continues a line of thought that was initiated by Ernst Kapp and Peter Engelmeyer – but does so from the point of view of contemporary philosophies of technology and language. Technology is presented as projective semiosis that works on the level...

Technology and Understanding

Alexander Nesterov & Anna Demina
Technology expresses the level of knowledge about nature and consciousness of a human being and represents a sort of material reflection of an individual and humanity. As such, technology is a fundamental capability of humans. Understanding by means of technology is a projective reconstruction of the meanings of signs, that is active, dynamic, objectifying interpretation. It is demonstrated how the contributions to this special issue implement comprehension of grammatical, linguistic and mathematical, artistic, legal and...

Virtual Communication Technologies in Modern Drama for Teenagers

Larisa Tyutelova, Elena Sergeeva & Ksenya Sundukova
This article is devoted to the study of the reception and image of virtual communication technologies in modern drama for teenagers. It is obvious that digital technologies in plays aimed at young audiences are becoming a marker of modernity and a characteristic detail of a technogenic civilization that generates conflict situations. The portrayal of young heroes and heroines - the same age as the prospective viewer - is impossible without recreating the realities of modern...

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