17 Works

Stress State of Г-Shaped Thin-Walled Rod Joints in Bending Torsion

Vladimir Rybakov & Vladislav Jos

Citrogypsum as a Raw Material for Gypsum Binder Production

Sevda Pirieva, Nataliya Alfimova & Ксения Левицкая

Deformations And Spatial Structure Vibrations Frequency of The Rectangular Contour Type Cover: Analytical Solutions

Mikhail Kirsanov

Solid particle erosion wear of thermosetting polymers and composites at room and elevated temperatures: an experimental study

Maxim Mishnev & Alexander S. Korolev

Prediction of elastic characteristics of fiber-reinforced plastic in bending: multi-scale finite element modeling and experiment

Maxim Vladimirovich Mishnev, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Zadorin & Nikita Andreevich Khoroshilov

Modeling of the Stress-Strain State of Steel Tank with Geometric Imperfections

Evgeniy Konopatskiy, Оксана Шевчук & Александра Крысько

Combination of rockfill dam reinforced concrete face and seepage control wall in the foundation: stress-strain state

Mikhail Sainov, Vladislav Soroka & Murali Gunasekaran

Model of a spatial dome cover. Deformations and oscillation frequency

Mikhail Kirsanov

Hydraulic flow in the turning section of unpressurized water transmission structure

Elgiz Gasanov, Vusala Mammadova, Hamlet Aliyev & Terane Guliyeva

Base’s structure of Prefabricated Sanitary Module: erection and life stages

Nikolai Ivanovich Vatin, Alexey Sinelnikov, Mamady Cisse & Irina Vasileva

Quadrilateral Finite Element for Thin and Thick Plates

Yury Tyukalov

Self-oscillatory process of a viscoelastic elongated plate

Mukhsin Mansurov, Rustamkhan Abdikarimov & Mirziyod Mirsaidov

Deformations and Natural Frequency of a Triangular Truss: Analytical Solutions

Mikhail Kirsanov

Interaction of a unique massive shell with a heterogeneous ground environment during immersion

Николай Перминов

Bending Torsion of П-Shaped Thin-Walled Frames

Vladimir Rybakov & Vladislav Jos

Fire resistance of statically indeterminate steel systems

Виктория Солодилова, Dubrakova Ksenia, Alexey Bulgakov, Vladimir Erofeev & Jens Otto

Climate-Adaptive Facades with Automatic Control System

Darya Nemova, Sergey Bochkarev & Darya Andreeva

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  • 2022

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