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Ficción, idea y realidad del exilio antifascista en México

Matei Chihaia (ed.) & Guillermo Ferrer Ortega (ed.)
143 pp.

Wutpilger-Streifzüge: Imágenes poéticas de la Conquista de Latinoamérica. Paul Celan, lector de Bartolomé de Las Casas

Guillermo Ferrer
pp. 55-72. Paul Celans poem ‘Wutpilger-Streifzüge’ shows his attentive lecture of the Book of Bartolomé de Las Casas Brevísima relación de la destruición de las Indias. I will not only explain the circumstances of the poem’s composition, but also I will interpret this poem from a phenomenological point of view by asking about the function of the poetic images in order to express Las Casas historical testimony. For that I will put the emphasis on...

Bilateralismos y multilateralismos del exilio republicano

Matei Chihaia
pp. 130-143 This article analyzes two relational phenomena that occur in the political and literary-artistic practice of the Spanish exile: on the one hand, the forms of bilateral solidarity, which leave shapes the life and work of many exiles, and, on the other hand, the aspirations to form multilateral communities, in the context of the League of Nations and the United Nations or as alternatives to these. Both forms of relating to each other are...

José Gaos. Experiencia del transtierro e idea de mundo

Guillermo Ferrer Ortega
pp. 111-120 José Gaos has described his experience of exile as a «transtierro». He thus contrasts the idea of exile and uprooting with that of a transfer to a second homeland or homeland of destiny. The article attempts to clarify the place of the concept of transterritory in Gaos’s conception of the history of world ideas. By situating the notion of exile in the context of Gaos’ work, it will be seen that it was...

Prólogo: El exilio español en México, entre memoria e historia

Matei Chihaia & Guillermo Ferrer Ortega
pp. 8-11

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