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Octavio Paz entre la literatura mundial y las literaturas del mundo

Gesine Müller
pp. 51-63 The debate around the concept of world literature, held with new intensity in the last twenty years, is part, within the framework of cultural studies, of the controversies that are closely associated with issues related to global networks in a polycentric world. In view of this, this article would first of all like to open the field of tension between the concepts of world literature and literature of the world, with the purpose...

Entre estética y política. Ideas de una literatura mundial en la correspondencia Unseld − Paz

Gesine Müller & Sylvester Bubel
pp. 108-117. How is world literature shaped by publishing house politics? The present article deals with this question by examining the relationship between Octavio Paz and Siegfried Unseld in the context of the boom of Latin-American literature furthered by the Suhrkamp Verlag publishing house. Contemporary documents from the Siegfried Unseld Archive (German Literature Archives (DLA) Marbach) were evaluated for the first time and provide information about a conglomerate of aesthetic projections, political hopes and economic...

Editorial: La Frontera Norte I / U.S.-Mexico Border

Lizette Jacinto & Frank Leinen
pp. 4-9.

VIII. Frontera Norte I

Lizette Jacinto (ed.) & Frank Leinen (ed.)
141 pp.

IX. Frontera Norte II

Lizette Jacinto (ed.) & Frank Leinen (ed.)
131 pp.

Editorial: La Frontera Norte II / U.S.-Mexico Border II

Lizette Jacinto & Frank Leinen
pp. 4-8.

Lo policial en la no-ficción de Rodolfo Walsh y periodistas del México actual

Roberta Bassi
pp. 99-111. The non-fiction novel, genre between journalism and literature improved by the Argentinian journalist-writer and militante Rodolfo Walsh with Operación Masacre (1957) to denounce a crime of the State, shows different typical aspects of crime fiction, another genre practiced by Walsh through which he was famous in his country. The use of these literary tools allowed him to bring his denounces to a larger public than if he were doing it only through traditional...

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