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Pasajes entre José Revueltas y Goethe

José Manuel Mateo
pp. 158-176. In this article is carried out a follow-up of the phrase "Gray is the theory and green is the tree of gold of life", which José Revueltas took as vital watchword. From 1939 until 1975, shortly before the death of the Mexican author, the phrase appears in letters, notes, and essays, as well as drafts of Los días terrenales, one of the greatest novels of the author. In addition to a minimum record...

El formato antológico del cuento policial contemporáneo y sus implicaciones: Buenos Aires Noir y Mexico City Noir

Héctor Fernando Vizcarra
pp. 23-36. Through the examination of Buenos Aires Noir (2017) and Mexico City Noir (2010), released by Akashic Books in its Noir series, this paper analyzes the relations between both volumes and the tradition of “Urban mysteries” literary fiction emerged in the 19th Century, the inherent circulation and validation on the Literary field, and its discursive construction as anthological-format books of stories by their owns kind of publisher’s initiative, the selection criterion and the writers...

Parodia política y oración: glosas mexicanas al Padrenuestro (de la Colonia a nuestros días)

Ana Castaño
pp. 11-32. The Lord's Prayer is a long-established literary theme in European literature. Its literary manifestations range from the almost literal devotional paraphrase to the burlesque and subversive recreation; and from the cultured expressions, heirs of the rich exegetical tradition around this prayer, to those of a more popular vein, derived from an equally rich oral tradition. In my article I refer to a selection of glossed Lord's Prayers, of popular vein, which belong to...

Apuntes para el estudio de una generación progresista en América Latina, 1934-1954: el caso de los asilos diplomáticos y los exilios políticos

José Francisco Mejía Flores
pp. 79-98 Between 1934 and 1954 a group of Latin American presidents governed under a series of reformist precepts that are associated with a kind of nationalism and sovereignty with respect to dependence on the United States. These governments did not achieve American government approval within the framework of the Cold War in Latin America, in a time span that spanned from 1945 to 1954. Their defeat caused the asylum and exile of these former...

Etnoarqueología para el combate a la pobreza: la estrategia ignorada por el estado Mexicano

Sandra L. López Varela
pp. 195-211 Alexander von Humboldt (1988 [1811]) describes in his Essai Politique sur le Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne, the landscape of social inequality that existed in New Spain in terms of the distribution of wealth, civilization and soil cultivation during the reign of Charles IV. For more than two centuries, the Mexican government has tried unsuccessfully to revert social end economic inequality through economic growth and development policies. In the following pages, I discuss...

Supervivencia del más apto

Rosa Beltrán
pp. 12-13.

Revueltas internacionalista proletario, herido por México. Estampas alemanas

Edith Negrín
pp. 144-157. Germany was a constant presence in various stages of the life of Jose Revueltas, for various reasons. The first contact, unintended and ungrateful, was its assistance to the German School, in the capital of the country. The subsequent linkages, already in adult life, were intentional and vertebrated by political practice. The relationship of the activist with the European country was determined by its vision of the world, a complex and emotional ideological assembly...

Traven: primer encuentro con los indios mexicanos

Edith Negrín
pp. 117-129 B. Traven, famous for its mysteries and changes of identity, arrived in Mexico in 1924, he was 42 years old. Anarchist militant, escaped from Munich, where he had been a leader of the Republic of Bavarian Councils of workers, soldiers and peasants and had been sentenced to death. He went through several countries and finally took refuge in Mexico, where he decided to be mainly a fiction writer and carried out his prolific...

La extensión corporativa en el sector telecomunicaciones y sus implicaciones en la producción y distribución de cine mexicano

César Bárcenas Curtis
pp. 99-112. The corporate structure of the telecommunications sector in Mexico has the potential to modify the conditions and purposes of business and investments of media companies in general. From this context, the objective is to identify how in this convergent environment, where cultural products are commercialized through the new networks, certain economic strategies are also established that alter and condition the business models of some film production companies in Mexico. In the end, this...

Dispositivos Poéticos: Ricardo Domínguez y el Transborder Immigrant Tool

Mariana Aguirre
pp. 46-60. This essay analyzes the Transborder Immigrant Tool (TBT), a cell phone that was modified to receive GPS signals and emit poetic phrases. Ricardo Domínguez created it in order to aid immigrants cross the border and added artistic content made up of American, Chicano and Mexican elements that reference landscape paintings as well as land and performance art. The essay also demonstrates that new media and mainstream art are not as far apart as...

Ya cuando empezamos a entrar a México ya vemos las cosas diferente. La reterritorialización de la frontera norte

Sabine Pfleger & Joselin Barja Coria
pp. 111-127. The Northern frontier is a complex conceptual space nurtured by many narratives that show the dynamics of new phenomena which transcend the actual physical space of frontier as a dividing line between two countries. Transmigration is one of those phenomena which pose serious new problems for the Mexican society as a whole. At present, not every migrant seeks the American Dreamspending only a short time on Mexican soil on his way to the...

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