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Vittoria Borsò
pp. 102-142. Concepts of in-between were established as a tool against the ontology of separations and against the logic of identity and difference, eradicating the consistency of binary classifications. The following article relates the different concepts to two paradigms: the geopolitical, whose objective is the aggression of Western thought as imperialist thought, and the aesthetic-political paradigm in which politics is questioned from aesthetics that dispenses with geopolitical locations. This second paradigm entails a meta-criticism with...

Editorial: La Frontera Norte II / U.S.-Mexico Border II

Lizette Jacinto & Frank Leinen
pp. 4-8.

Editorial. Octavio Paz y José Revueltas: las dos caras de México

Vittoria Borsò
pp. 5-20

V. Mitos y Género

Yasmin Temelli (ed.)
154 pp.

Editorial: Mitos y género

Yasmin Temelli
pp. 4-13.

Del mundo a los mundos: repensar la globalizacion desde la literatura mexicana

Vittoria Borsò
pp. 18-50 How to think the world, its plurality, coexistence in times of post-politics and after the global failure of theories of salvation? This article reviews theories of world, globe, sphere, worlding, planet, reflects on the most recent critiques of the concept of world and asks about the role of Mexican literature in the attempt to configure relational practices that allow thinking the plurality of worlds as the potential of a common world. The exploration...

Editorial: La Frontera Norte I / U.S.-Mexico Border

Lizette Jacinto & Frank Leinen
pp. 4-9.

VIII. Frontera Norte I

Lizette Jacinto (ed.) & Frank Leinen (ed.)
141 pp.

III. pop.Mex – Facetas de la cultura popular mexicana

Frank Leinen (ed.)
130 pp.

IX. Frontera Norte II

Lizette Jacinto (ed.) & Frank Leinen (ed.)
131 pp.

José Revueltas: El luto humano y el paradigma ‘viviente’ de un intelectual contestatario

Vittoria Borsò
pp. 177-198.

El difícil camino hacia la Independencia: los desafíos de la emancipación política y del compromiso periodístico en México

Frank Leinen
pp. 23-69 On the occasion of the bicentenary of the Mexican Declaration of Independence in 1821, this article aims to examine the extent to which political and social processes, the gradual emergence of a public space and the increasingly dynamic development of the press interacted in the run-up to this event. The study reveals that in the course of the formation of a public opinion in the sense of Habermas, many periodicals saw themselves as...

Todo crimen es un acto de posesión: Buñuel y sus heroínas

Liane Ströbel
pp. 53-67. Ensayo de un crimen is a film in which nothing is what it seems. Buñuel seduces us with his mysterious and disconcerting universe, and with his intimate look into the lives of his protagonists, who lose themselves in a surreal labyrinth of truncated plans. The following analysis will illustrate through structure and narrative the main constellations formed by the protagonist and the motley female characters and will clarify the relationship between victims and...

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