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Editorial: Nación y Nacionalismo

Yasmin Temelli (ed.) & Gustavo Leyva (ed.)
pp. 4-13.

La adaptación del ‘nacionalismo mexicano’ a las reglas de la globalización contemporánea

Javier Esteinou Madrid
pp. 20-32. The modern transformation process that Mexico has tried since 1993 with the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), has produced a big mutation of the notion and practice of the traditional nationalism that It produced deep changes in the economical, political, social, agricultural, technical and legal structures of our country. These changes, have transformed the life, work, education, production and competition styles of most of the national population. These alterations have not only...

Apuntes sobre la industria audiovisual mexicana en el contexto de la re-regulación y digitalización

Rodrigo Gómez García
pp. 42-56. The Mexican audiovisual industry, from the 1990s to the present day, has undergone significant changes in all its sectors. The main reasons for these changes are due to four circumstances that are closely related to each other: first, the promotion of public policies aimed at privatization, liberalization, neo-regulation and openness to foreign capital; second, the new business opportunities offered by new technologies (convergence and digitization); third, the process of transition to democracy that...

Las leyes secundarias en telecomunicaciones y el retorno de la dictadura perfecta en México

Javier Esteinou Madrid
pp. 13-34. After the significant progress achieved in the Constitutional Telecommunications Reform in 2013, with a delay of almost 100 days, President Enrique Peña Nieto sent to the Senate of the Republic on March 24, 2014 the initiative of Secondary Laws to regulate said Reform. Such presidential project was highly worrisome since that proposal denied the main aspects of progress already achieved in such matter. The first phase of the Reform was achieved thanks to...

México, poesía y patria para el siglo XXI

Alejandro Higashi
pp. 88-102. Despite disregard for patriotic themes among poets born between 1970’s and 1980’s, exceptional cases analyzed in this article provide a glimpse of new perspectives on exploring the patriotic poetry in Mexican literature. This could show that patriotic contemporary Mexican poetry, far from being lost as subgenre, is immersed in a process of profound transformation.

Ya cuando empezamos a entrar a México ya vemos las cosas diferente. La reterritorialización de la frontera norte

Sabine Pfleger & Joselin Barja Coria
pp. 111-127. The Northern frontier is a complex conceptual space nurtured by many narratives that show the dynamics of new phenomena which transcend the actual physical space of frontier as a dividing line between two countries. Transmigration is one of those phenomena which pose serious new problems for the Mexican society as a whole. At present, not every migrant seeks the American Dreamspending only a short time on Mexican soil on his way to the...

XI. Nación y Nacionalismo

Yasmin Temelli (ed.) & Gustavo Leyva (ed.)
143 pp.

La escritura de la memoria y del trauma en Tijuana: crimen y olvido de Luis Humberto Crosthwaite

Christian Sperling
pp. 29-45. In Tijuana: crimen y olvido Luis Humberto Crosthwaite creates a narrative fiction as a mirror of a society that looses the capacity to broach the subject of its own disintegration. Confronting the absence of a constructive debate on forced disappearance of persons in media and politics and the lack of a social framework where the issue of the memory of the victims could be addressed, the novel proposes a reflection on the limits...

Cartografía de la identidad: Paz y Revueltas

Álvaro Ruiz Abreu
pp. 28-37. This essay describes two 20th Century exceptional writers: Paz and Revueltas. Both writers share ideas and trust in the world of books, art and culture that the Mexican Revolution created. They tried to change the world, but each one of them, at the right time, was changed by history. I see similarities as well as strong differences among those two 20th Century minds. They both believed in the Revolution and above all, in...

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