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Model output from N isotope global inverse model

Taylor Martin, Francois Primeau & Karen Casciotti
Global inverse nitrogen isotope model in MATLAB. Nitrogen cycle tracers include PON, DON, NO3, and NO2 for 14N and 15N. Model output optimized to three different combinations of isotope effects for nitrate reduction (eNAR), nitrite oxidation (eNXR), and nitrite reduction (eNIR) is also available.

Guide to Colorado College Catalogs, etc.

Kathy Kerns
Finding aid for Colorado College catalogs at Stanford University Libraries.

Global Distribution of Channel Steepness

George E. Hilley, Aaron Steelquist, C.W. Baden, F. Aron, S. Porder, S.A. Johnstone, F. Liu, R. Sare & H.H. Young
A variety of topographic metrics are commonly used to understand erosion and uplift of Earth’s surface, channel steepness among the most popular of these. Yet, no globally extensive, consistent calculations of across Earth’s surface exist. We use an integral formulation to provide spatially explicit, globally extensive estimates of steepness across areas of Earth’s surface south of 56°N, and use upsampling to understand biases present in this dataset. Resolution tests show an overestimation of steepness with...

Data Appendices for _Close Reading with Computers_, published by Stanford University Press

Martin Paul Eve
"Supplementary data files for the book by Martin Paul Eve, _Close Reading With Computers: Textual Scholarship, Computational Formalism, and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas_ (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2019).Digital Appendix 1: Data for Chapter Two.This appendix is a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file that is used to generate Figure 2 using the SankeyTextualVariant software.Digital Appendix 2: Data for Chapter Three.* The data used to generate figures 5 through 13.* The data used to make the...

2011 Machine Learning Data Set for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory - Atmospheric Imaging Assembly

David Fouhey, Meng Jin, Mark Cheung, Abndres Munoz-Jaramillo, Richard Galvez, Rajat Thomas, Paul Wright, Alexander Szenicer, Monica G. Bobra, Yang Liu & James Mason
We present a curated dataset from the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) mission in a format suitable for machine learning research. Beginning from level 1 scientific products we have processed various instrumental corrections, downsampled to manageable spatial and temporal resolutions, and synchronized observations spatially and temporally. We anticipate this curated dataset will facilitate machine learning research in heliophysics and the physical sciences generally, increasing the scientific return of the SDO mission. This work is a...

Partisan Bias, Altruism, and Universalism: Evidence From a Controlled Experiment

Raymond Gilmartin & Muriel Niederle
The effect of partisan bias is not confined to the political arena but extends to consumer markets and labor markets. In order to better understand the relationship between affective polarization and economic behavior, I conduct a controlled experiment using a series of dictator games to measure partisan bias in altruism. I find that participants behave more altruistically toward members of their own party and that participants who report higher levels of partisanship display more partisan...

Global distribution of climate-soil classes for Tier 1 IPCC reporting for forest soil organic carbon

Leehi Yona
To measure and report forest soil organic carbon for mineral soils, inventory compilers using Tier 1 approaches will need to determine climate and soil type based on Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change guidelines (https://www.ipcc-nggip.iges.or.jp/public/2006gl/vol4.html). This map layer will allow users to determine these climate-soil types for any forested area globally. Created using data from the International Soil Reference Information Centre (https://www.isric.org/sites/default/files/isric_report_2009_02.pdf) as well as the European Commission Joint Research Centre Institute for Environment and Sustainability...

Traumatic Grief Tweets Related to 57 Chicago Gang Territories/Neighborhoods (2012-2016)

Forrest Stuart
The data consist of tweet ID numbers associated with 101,186 tweets written between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2016 containing at least one traumatic grief keyword (e.g., RIP, Rest Up, Long Live) and at least one online gang identifier associated with one of 57 Chicago gang factions.

Tools for Writing Concise and Compelling Grants [HANDOUTS]

Michaela Kiernan
The handouts identify 8 recommended elements for writing concise and compelling specific aims. The 8 elements are designed to make it easy and efficient for National Institutes of Health (NIH) reviewers to evaluate the ‘Overall Impact’ of R01 grant applications. Examples of the 8 elements are included from previously awarded R01 grants across multiple NIH institutes and disciplines. Use a powerful visual strategy to determine which recommended elements still need to be addressed by color...

Data and code for Aalto et al. \"Models with environmental drivers offer a plausible mechanism for the rapid spread of infectious disease outbreaks in marine organisms\" published in Scientific Reports in 2020.

Emilius Aalto, Giulio De Leo, Fiorenza Micheli, Peter Raimondi, Steven Bograd, Elliott Hazen & Michael Jacox
The first signs of sea star wasting disease (SSWD) epidemic occurred in just few months in 2013 along the entire North American Pacific coast. Disease dynamics did not manifest as the typical travelling wave of reaction-diffusion epidemiological model, suggesting that other environmental factors might have played some role. To help explore how external factors might trigger disease, we built a coupled oceanographic-epidemiological model and contrasted three hypotheses on the influence of temperature on disease transmission...

Data on alpha and delta SARS-CoV-2 mutations in settled solids from 2 POTW in northern CA 2020-2021

Alexandria Boehm, Marlene Wolfe, Bradley White, Bridgette Hughes & Dorothea Duong
Measured concentrations of SARS-CoV-2 variant mutations in wastewater settled solids

The effect of a large-scale water, sanitation, and hygiene intervention in Bangladesh on knowledge, behavior, and health: findings from an endline evaluation of a matched-pair cluster-controlled trial

Kelly Aluri
Background: Diarrhea is a leading cause of child death in Bangladesh, where water quality, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) technology and behavior uptake is low. From 2007 to 2012, the Sanitation, Hygiene Education, and Water Supply in Bangladesh Programme (SHEWA-B) aimed to improve WASH practices among 20 million rural residents through community hygiene promoters (CHPs). In 2010, the team implemented changes to improve the intervention, including simplifying messages and incentivizing CHP performance. This study evaluates the...

Lighting the Way Working Meeting Worksheets

Mark A. Matienzo, Dinah Handel &
Copies of Worksheets for Google Jamboard used in the Lighting the Way Working Meeting. Please contact the project team for full resolution copies.

WP147: Wage Theft in Low-Wage Industries:Mixed Methods Research in Silicon Valley

Michael Tayag, Ruth Silver Taube, Felwina Mondina, Katherine Nasol, Anthony Kinslow II & Forest Peterson
Wage theft harms workers and their families directly, but also diminishes the collective bargaining power of workers by depressing hourly wages in the impacted industries and occupations. This has a ripple effect on the State’s economy, since it forces workers to rely on increasingly strained public assistance programs, which ultimately affects taxpayers. The theft of workers’ earned wages is an epidemic that costs workers billions of dollars across various industries. In Santa Clara County alone,...

Proyecto de Resiliencia y Ordenamiento Territorial del agua y Servicios Ecosistémicos en la Amazonía de Perú, Bolivia y Brasil

Marcelo Guevara, Marta Torres, Adrian Vogl, Sydney Moss, Gianinna Da Roit, Charlotte Weil, Jorge Caballero Espejo, Jorge Martin Pillaca Ortiz, Rafael Schmitt, Guillermo Rioja Ballivian, Iván De Oliveira, Anna Ingrid Kristina Fredriksson Häägg, Lisa Mandle, Stacie Wolny, Luis Fernández, César Ascorra Guanira, Mary Ruckelshaus, Juan Fernando Reyes, Gretchen Daily, Jesus A. Fidhel Sánchez, Luis Gallegos Chacón, Christopher Anderson, Morgan Kain, Sarah Cafasso & Mario Panduro Rosas
El libro tiene una mirada integral y busca apoyar los procesos de construcción de puentes entre ciencia y política, plantea y desarrolla una iniciativa en base al Proyecto de Resiliencia y Ordenamiento Territorial del agua y Servicios Ecosistémicos en la Amazonía de Perú, Bolivia y Brasil (PRO-Agua) de The Natural Capital Project (NatCap) de la Universidad de Stanford. Establece el paisaje amazónico trinacional de Madre de Dios (Perú), Acre (Brasil) y Pando (Bolivia) como ámbito...

Drainage Canals in Southeast Asian Peatland

Nathan Dadap, Alison M Hoyt, Alexander R Cobb, Doruk Oner, Mateusz Kozinski, Pascal V Fua, Krishna Rao, Charles F Harvey & Alexandra G Konings
These images depict drainage canals and roads in peatlands in Borneo, Sumatra, and Peninsular Malaysia at 5 meter resolution. These canals were detected from July-September 2017 Planet Basemaps satellite imagery using a convolutional neural network. Please contact Nathan Dadap (ndadap@stanford.edu) with any questions.

Long-term monitoring of sea otters from West Beach at Hopkins Marine Station

John S. Pearse &
NOTE: see updated dataset through Feb 2022 at https://doi.org/10.25740/gk364tm7562. Since September 2003, John Pearse (University of California, Santa Cruz, Emeritus Professor) has been counting the number of sea otters he observes off Hopkins Marine Station's West Beach. Using binoculars, counts are made from the window of the Pearse residence positioned directly across the street from the beach. Time is presented on a 24-hour clock. Time of day for the count is haphazardly chosen. Counts extend...

Fronts & Friends: An Investigation into Two Twitter Networks Linked to Russian Actors

Renée DiResta & Shelby Grossman
On February 23, 2021 Twitter announced the removal of two networks linked to Russian actors, which it had shared with the Stanford Internet Observatory on February 12. The first network, which we will call Network 1, “can be reliably tied to Russian state actors,” according to Twitter. It consisted of two types of accounts: accounts that claimed to be located in Syria and accounts that spread anti-NATO messaging. Many of these accounts were sockpuppets, claiming...

Minke data

David Cade, Shirel Kahane-Rapport, William Gough, KC Bierlich, Jake Linsky, John Calambokidis, David Johnston, Jeremy Goldbogen & Ari Friedlaender
IMU, video and UAV data from Antarctic minke whales collected in 2018 & 2019. Submitted with "Minimum body size constraints on engulfment filtration feeding "

Investigating the Effects of Stanniocalcin 2 in an in vitro Stroke Model

Jainith Patel & Paul George
The investigation of neuroprotective agents against ischemic injury is impeded by the lack of appropriate in vitro models. An in vitro model of ischemic stroke was developed using PC12 and induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived neuronal cell cultures exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation (OGD) followed by reoxygenation (24 hours) under atmospheric oxygen levels. Stanniocalcin 2 (STC2) is a protein expressed in the brain and has been shown to play a key role in calcium regulation....

The Effects of Post-Wildfire Soil Microbial Communities on Coast Redwood Seed Germination

Lydia Villa & Kabir Peay
Wildfires in California and the Western United States are increasing in size, frequency, and severity due to colonial fire suppression and climate change. As these catastrophic fires typically result in full-stand replacement, soil microbial communities, and specifically symbiotic fungi, may hold the key to understanding if and how these forests may recover. A high-profile megafire recently burned some of the last remaining old-growth coast redwood forests at the southern extent of their range. While fire...

Supplementary content for Curtis W. Baden's Ph.D. dissertation at Stanford University

Curtis Baden
Deformation in Earth’s crust accumulates during and in between earthquakes to build Earth’s mountain ranges, and to produce signatures of geologic deformation preserved in the rock record. As this deformation accumulates through time, rheological properties imparted by the protracted geologic history of Earth’s deforming crust control the resultant distribution and magnitude of rock uplift, exhumation, and erosion that conspire to shape the morphology of Earth’s surface. This dissertation investigates how the rheological properties of Earth’s...

One Man, One Vote: Representational Equality, Prison Gerrymandering, and Reform

Carolyn Chun
The Census Bureau counts incarcerated Americans at the location of their prison cells, rather than their hometowns. Census data is a central part of redistricting, enabling state and local governments to create roughly equal constituencies. But because felons largely cannot vote, districts containing penitentiaries can be the same size as their neighbor but with a fraction of the voting population. This means that voters in that district have a disproportionately high amount of representation. Patterns...

Wrinkling code for: Fatty acid synthesis knockdown promotes biofilm wrinkling and inhibits sporulation in Bacillus subtilis

Heidi Arjes, Haiwen Gui & KC Huang
Matlab code to extract wrinkling information with B. subtilis biofilm images. The code should work with all the deposited files if you put all those files in the same folder.

Influence of kelp forest biomass on nearshore currents

Stephen Monismith, Maha Alnajjar, C. Brock Woodson, Charles Boch, Arturo Hernandez, Leonardo Vazquez-Vera, Thomas Bell & Fio Micheli
This is a draft paper describing observations of flows in the nearshore kelp forests of Isla Natividad, Baja, California between March 2013 and September 2015. This draft was first submitted to JGR Oceans in December 2021, and will be resubmitted by May 7, 2022

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