Data and code repository for the manuscript: JC Selinger, JL Hicks, RW Jackson, CM Wall-Scheffler, D Chang, and SL Delp. Running in the Wild: Using large-scale wearable data to understand ecological running speed preferences. Current Biology (2022).

Jessica Selinger, Jennifer Hicks, Rachel Jackson, Cara Wall-Scheffler, Derek Chang & Scott Delp
Human runners have long been thought to have the ability to consume a near constant amount of energy per distance traveled regardless of speed, allowing speed to be adapted to particular task demands with minimal energetic consequence. However, recent and more precise laboratory measures indicate that humans may in fact have an energy-optimal running speed. Here we characterize runners’ speeds in a free-living environment and determine if preferred speed is consistent with task or energy...

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  • 2022

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  • Stanford University
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