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Human Knee Cartilage Histopathology Assessment

Venkata P Mantripragada, Ronald Midura, Ahmet Erdemir & George Muschler
90 patients with varus knees scheduled for total knee arthroplasty were recruited after getting their informed consent. Inclusion criteria required patients with a diagnosis of idiopathic OA (primarily medial compartment and/or patellofemoral disease) exhibiting a relatively preserved lateral compartment (JSW: 2–10 mm, median: 6 mm in the lateral compartment) based on preoperative weight-bearing anterior-posterior (AP) radio- graphs taken in full extension and 30° of flexion. During TKA, the Lateral Femoral Condyle (LFC) was collected and...

OpenSenseRT Raspberry Pi Image

Patrick Slade, Ayman Habib, Jennifer Hicks & Scott Delp
The Raspberry Pi image replicates the OpenSenseRT, a real-time and wearable system for motion capture.

Kearney 2021 Lateral Pinch Data

Kalyn Kearney, Jennifer Nichols & Joel Harley
Datasets representing variations in lateral pinch thumb-tip force due to changes in maximum isometric force, as simulated with OpenSim v4.0. Each dataset includes outputs from forward dynamics, with thumb-tip force provided via joint reactions analyses. We also include muscle activations from computed muscle control which were used to drive these forward dynamic simulations. See the included ReadMe file and the following publication for more details: Kearney KM, Harley JB, Nichols JA. “Classifying muscle parameters with...

OpenSense: Validation of IMU-based estimates of kinematics over long durations

Johanna O'Day, Scott Delp, Mazen Al Borno, Vanessa Ibarra, James Dunne, Ajay Seth, Ayman Habib, Carmichael Ong, Jennifer Hicks & Scott Uhlrich
Here we provide the dataset for validation of OpenSense, an open-source toolbox for Inertial-Measurement-Unit-based measurement of lower extremity kinematics over long durations (10 minutes). We computed IMU-based estimates of kinematics using sensor fusion and an inverse kinematics approach with a constrained biomechanical model. We measured kinematics for 11 subjects as they performed two 10-minute trials: (1) walking and turning, and (2) a repeated sequence of varied lower-extremity movements (sitting, standing, stair-climbing, side-stepping, walking, running). Subjects...

Segmentation and genus classification of lactic acid bacteria from images

Sebastian Bech-Terkilsen
This comprises the full dataset used in the project "Segmentation and genus classification of lactic acid bacteria from images". It includes a training set, validation set and several test sets. Lastly it includes backgrounds which are needed for the custom image augmentation method described in the manuscript. The training and validation set are comprised of 1360 grayscale phase-contrast images containing >760,000 lactic acid bacteria which have been hand-labelled for segmentation (pixel classification) and classification of...

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  • 2021

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  • Stanford University
  • Chr. Hansen (Denmark)
  • Delft University of Technology
  • University of Colorado Denver
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  • University of Copenhagen
  • Cleveland Clinic