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Temporary and tactical urbanism in Australia: a review of current practice, policy and practitioner perspectives

Quentin Stevens, Kim Dovey & Fauster Awepuga

Victorian economic snapshot 2020

Meg Bosanko

Epidemics and pandemics in Victoria: historical perspectives

Ben Huf & Holly McLean

What lies beneath? Exploring the material influence of the underground on urban development in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Lois C. Towart, Kristian Ruming, Pauline McGuirk & Kathy Mee

Developmental Language Disorder: a disability, health and education challenge

Caroline Walker & Rebecca Haddock

Emergency powers, public health and COVID-19

Holly McLean & Ben Huf

Wage Theft Bill 2020: Bill Brief

Caley Otter

Digital health devices in the Australian construction industry

Katrin Leifels & Brent Sandlant

Data for galaxy assymetry experiment

Lior Shamir
This page provides links to data files used in the experiment described in Photometric asymmetry between clockwise and counterclockwise spiral galaxies in SDSS

The files can be uploaded to CAS and then used to replicate the results of the experiment. For instance, comparing the r magnitude of the of the classes can be done with the following CAS query:

select avg(g) from PhotoObjAll, MyDB.cw where Objid=ID and g>0 and ra>90 and ra<270...

The city as nature and the nature of the city

Jason Alexandra
The 21 Century is the urban century with humans the dominant force shaping the planet&rsquo;s future. This paper outlines why the era&rsquo;s pressing imperatives need transformations in our production and habitation systems. These transformations require ecological design and technical and social innovations for adaptation. These adaptations need new visions of the city as nature and redefining the nature of the city. The paper begins by articulating the concept that all modern cities are forming a...

Planning for rural land use and the stages of productivism in Australia’s emerging multi-functional rural regions

Andrew Butt
In Australia, rural land use planning as the concern of spatial planning strategy and local regulation has largely emerged during an era of contrasting decline in state-directed agricultural policies and futures. Despite a long history of attempts at land use regulation as a nation-building process, success has been muted with a contest between the vision and purpose of agricultural land management extending back into early nineteenth century land use and land release policy. More recently,...

Transforming post-industrial Cremorne

Markus Jung, Maud Cassaignau & Virginia Mannering
The design-research Cremorne2025 investigated, though multiple iterations, the densification of an exemplary and historically crucial industrial suburb of Melbourne. It challenges consequences of urban sprawl, highlighting potentials of inner-city industrial sites for urban renewal and new activity. Careful intensification of urban heritage was acknowledged as necessary in retaining identity and attractiveness, avoiding gentrification. The project&rsquo;s holistic strategy promotes wellconsidered, site-specific urbanism, bridging between academia and practice, and connecting with real-world concerns. The academic research project...

Professionalising planning

Robert Freestone & Nicola Pullan
The roles of planning and planners were remade in Australia in the 1930s. In Sydney, frustration at governmental inaction on practical progress and recognition that the longstanding Town Planning Association had fallen out of touch with best practice led to moves to establish a technical body. There were comparable stories in other states. In NSW the local chapter of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects played an instrumental role in formation of the Town and...

Labs and slabs

Philip Goad
The nearly two-decade long creation of the medical/health research precinct at the University of Melbourne in the 1950s and 1960s transformed a previously unused part of the Parkville campus into a showpiece of modernist planning and architecture. This paper outlines the strategic colocation of a series of high-rise slabs containing laboratories and teaching spaces that marched along Royal Parade directly across the road from Royal Melbourne Hospital, the Dental Hospital and the Walter and Eliza...

The authorship of space

Jane Homewood
The purpose of this paper is to provide new insights into how Melbourne was transformed from the 1960s through to the 1980s and consider if there are lessons learnt from this work to apply to the future planning and design of cities. Archival research and interviews with politicians, academics and activists involved in Melbourne&rsquo;s transformation, outline the important role urban design thinking and community-led activism had on driving the radical social, political and economic agenda...

Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Parliamentary Inquiries

Pamie Fung & Rachel Macreadie
Victoria is home to one of the most multicultural societies in the world and is among the fastest-growing and most culturally and linguistically diverse states in Australia.&nbsp; Close to half of all Victorians were born overseas or had at least one parent born overseas. About a quarter of Victorians speak a language other than English at home.&nbsp; Nationwide, nearly half of all Australians were born overseas, and these numbers have increased over time.Despite increasing cultural...

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO)

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) is an award-winning, open access knowledge hub and information service providing easy access to policy and practice research and resources.

Serious Offenders Bill 2018

Alice Petrie

Australian content in SVOD catalogs: availability and discoverability - 2018 edition

Ramon Lobato & Alexa Scarlata
This report examines the availability and discoverability of Australian film and television content on Netflix and Stan. It builds on findings from a 2017 pilot study, produced for the Department of Communications&rsquo; Australian Screen and Children&rsquo;s Content Review.The report also offers suggestions for interpreting this data in relation to larger changes in Australian and global media markets.Key findings include:Local content makes up 1.6% of the Netflix Australia catalog and 11.1% of the Stan catalogMuch of...

From idealistic to iconic Adelaide - an enduring nexus between urban plan and social identity

Susan Avey
Reformist ideals underpinned South Australia as a colonial endeavour and manifested from foundation in an enduring nexus between Adelaide&rsquo;s urban plan and its social identity. During the first half of the nineteenth century Adelaide strove to stand out from a cohort of colonial cities established during a wave of Imperial expansion. It competed with cities in Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand for investment of population and capital from established powers looking to divest and...

Force or farce: community consultation in local government

Ian Willis
Trust and understanding in the community engagement process are considered by many an essential part of a successful urban planning process. Yet these issues have proved problematic for the stakeholders in one New South Wales local government area.This paper examines a case study of a community engagement process in New South Wales which has involved the re-development of the Camden Town Centre. The paper analyses how a trust deficit has opened up between the local...

The emergence of mapping, planning in England and the early English colonies

Alan Peters
In the English-speaking world, the emergence of modern post-medieval mapping coincided with the emergence of modern land markets. Maps were found, very quickly, to be a useful tool in defining the extent of land and thus in adjudicating land disputes between owners. They soon became part of a proto-planning system used to envisage, to describe and to talk about future growth. Naturally maps became an important way to describe land legally and envisage future uses...

The iconography of patriotism

Joanna Merwood-Salisbury
An original component of the 1811 grid plan for New York City, Union Square has acquired an association as a place in which the ideals of American republicanism and democracy are both signified and enacted. The square is occupied by a central lawn, a series of statues, a small building to the north, and an open plaza set aside as a place for public meetings. Using the concept of &ldquo;urban semiology&rdquo; described by Roland Barthes,...

Opening the heart of a (post) colonial city

Biddy Livesey
Planning is a cultural activity, with the way we represent the spatial structure of cities reflecting our worldview. Within Aotearoa New Zealand, planning traditions and approaches practiced by indigenous Māori have been marginalized by colonial planning practices based in Western epistemology. However, Māori are promoting their planning traditions through strategic planning documents.Through the Treaty settlement process, Māori tribes are becoming major landowners in urban areas. Land returned as redress for grievances under the Treaty of...

Arcadia in Australia

Nicole Davis
During the second half of the nineteenth century, entrepreneurs eagerly built numerous European-style shopping arcades in Australia&rsquo;s cities and regional centres. Popular throughout the world, they were ostensibly elegant shopping spaces for a genteel middle-class clientele. Such was the enthusiasm for them in Australia that both Sydney and Melbourne possessed arcades in a quantity that rivalled many other international cities.Today only a few of these spaces survive. The best-known examples, restored to an approximation of...

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