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Gold Coast light rail performance-based public private partnerships: an effective delivery model?

Mile Barbaric & Tooran Alizadeh

Inequitable density: the place of lower-income and disadvantaged residents in the compact city

Laura Crommelin, Laurence Troy & Hazel Easthope

Can regional restructuring be socially inclusive? The case of Northern Futures in Geelong, Victoria

Louise Johnson

Aspirations of residents from culturally diverse backgrounds moving to MPEs in newly emerging suburbs

Christian Roggenbuck

Urban structure, commuting burdens, and productivity of urban labor markets in Australian city

Tiebei Li

What’s best for the west? Plan Melbourne 2017-2050 and alternative transport futures for Melbourne’s western suburbs

Iain Lawrie, John Stone & Ian Woodcock

Toward a framework for walkable and bikeable coastal Australian communities

Anthony McCosker

Is social-ecological resilience a new frame for environmental and urban policy?

Kathryn Davidson, Brendan Gleeson & Alison Whitten

Investigating residents' use and perceptions of informal greenspaces: a study of Stony Creek in Melbourne's west

Leila Farahani & Cecily Maller

Local government level climate change adaptation and disaster resilience in Queensland

Aysin Dedekorkut-Howes

Rethinking planning policy in an age of limits

Paul McFarland

“Holiday home-sharing”: Airbnb, housing markets, and implications for planning

Nicole Gurran & Peter Phibbs

From undetermined to over-determined space: public/private interface in residential back-laneways

Miza Moreau

Chronic homelessness in Melbourne: first-year outcomes of the journey to social inclusion phase two study

Paul Flatau, Ami Seivwright, Zoe Callis, Monica Thielking, Jessica Mackelprang, Kathryn Taylor & Lousie La Sala

Assessing the quality and comprehensiveness of child protection practice frameworks

Samantha Finan, Leah Bromfield, Fiona Arney & Tim Moore

The impacts of eHealth upon hospital practice: synthesis of the current literature

Rebekah Eden, Andrew Burton-Jones, Ian Scott, Andrew Staib & Clair Sullivan
To increase value from health-care expenditures, governments worldwide are increasingly adopting (or planning to adopt) eHealth technologies (e.g. Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Computer Provider Order Entry (CPOE), ePrescribing, and Computerised Decision Support Systems (CDSS)). The US government devoted $34 billion to this effort, and as a result, over 75% of US hospitals have now implemented EMRs. Alternatively, the UK National Health Service suspended their digitization efforts in 2011 after spending approximately £12 billion, but in...

Australian content in SVOD catalogs: availability and discoverability - 2018 edition

Ramon Lobato & Alexa Scarlata
This report examines the availability and discoverability of Australian film and television content on Netflix and Stan. It builds on findings from a 2017 pilot study, produced for the Department of Communications’ Australian Screen and Children’s Content Review.The report also offers suggestions for interpreting this data in relation to larger changes in Australian and global media markets.Key findings include:Local content makes up 1.6% of the Netflix Australia catalog and 11.1% of the Stan catalogMuch of...

Australia, poverty, and the Sustainable Development Goals: a response to the Australian government’s review of its progress on the SDGs

Keith Horton, Robyn Alders, Jon Altman, Kay Cook, Nichole Georgeou, Charles Hawksley, Hannah Gissane, Susan Hutchinson, Keith Jacobs, Ruth Phillips & Alex Robinson
This publication will be released in October 2018.

Engaging Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Parliamentary Inquiries

Pamie Fung & Rachel Macreadie
Victoria is home to one of the most multicultural societies in the world and is among the fastest-growing and most culturally and linguistically diverse states in Australia.  Close to half of all Victorians were born overseas or had at least one parent born overseas. About a quarter of Victorians speak a language other than English at home.  Nationwide, nearly half of all Australians were born overseas, and these numbers have increased over time.Despite increasing cultural...

The city as nature and the nature of the city

Jason Alexandra
The 21 Century is the urban century with humans the dominant force shaping the planet’s future. This paper outlines why the era’s pressing imperatives need transformations in our production and habitation systems. These transformations require ecological design and technical and social innovations for adaptation. These adaptations need new visions of the city as nature and redefining the nature of the city. The paper begins by articulating the concept that all modern cities are forming a...

Planning for rural land use and the stages of productivism in Australia’s emerging multi-functional rural regions

Andrew Butt
In Australia, rural land use planning as the concern of spatial planning strategy and local regulation has largely emerged during an era of contrasting decline in state-directed agricultural policies and futures. Despite a long history of attempts at land use regulation as a nation-building process, success has been muted with a contest between the vision and purpose of agricultural land management extending back into early nineteenth century land use and land release policy. More recently,...

Transforming post-industrial Cremorne

Markus Jung, Maud Cassaignau & Virginia Mannering
The design-research Cremorne2025 investigated, though multiple iterations, the densification of an exemplary and historically crucial industrial suburb of Melbourne. It challenges consequences of urban sprawl, highlighting potentials of inner-city industrial sites for urban renewal and new activity. Careful intensification of urban heritage was acknowledged as necessary in retaining identity and attractiveness, avoiding gentrification. The project’s holistic strategy promotes wellconsidered, site-specific urbanism, bridging between academia and practice, and connecting with real-world concerns. The academic research project...

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