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Foreign investment law and policy in Australia: a critical analysis

George Gilligan, Justin O'Brien & Megan Bowman
Under Australia’s foreign investment review framework all foreign governments and their related entities should notify the federal government and gain approval before making a direct investment in Australia regardless of the value of that investment. Yet can Australia’s current policy settings be maintained in their current form given developments in global capital markets, in particular the rise of state capitalism. This paper sets out the Australian foreign investment legal and policy framework. It focuses closely...

Regulatory Independence - It's not just about institutions

Gordon Menzies
The inherent fragility of banks is as old as the fractional reserve system, and the debt of banks is held by uninformed and dispersed agents who have limited ability to monitor the banks’ activities. All this occurs within the context of a rapidly evolving and highly complex system that at times defies comprehensive understanding.

Financial System Inquiry topical analysis

Kingsley Jones & Richard Lawson
This research paper describes the merit of developing a text analytics engine to index public submissions to the recent Financial System Inquiry (FSI).

Financial services misconduct and the corporations act 2001

Helen Bird & George Gilligan
Discusses enforcement under the Corporations Act through the lens of a study of court-based enforcement by ASIC of financial services misconduct.

Uber and ridesharing

Igor Dosen & Helen Rosolen
This research paper offers a jurisdictional comparison of legislation affecting Uber and other TNCs, within Australia and at an international level.


Caitlin Grover
Electronic petitions (e-petitions) have been introduced in Australian legislatures and internationally to improve public engagement with the political process and to make democracy more accessible, participatory and responsive. In Victoria, both houses of Parliament accept only paper petitions in accordance with relevant standing orders, however, several parliamentary committee inquiries have recommended the introduction of e-petitions. On 8 June 2016, the Legislative Council supported a motion by the Hon. Fiona Patten MLC to introduce e-petitions to...

Electricity and gas in Victoria

Igor Dosen
Several events, including state-wide blackouts in South Australia and the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station in Victoria, have re-ignited debate about energy resources and energy economics. The announcement of the Hazelwood Power Station closure on 4 November 2016 prompted debate about the current and future state of energy supply in Victoria. French energy company, ENGIE, the majority owner of the power station, announced power supply operations would most likely cease in March 2017 as...

Will driverless cars produce walkable cities for Australia?

Ian Woodcock, Iain Lawrie & John Stone

Map for impact: the Victorian social enterprise mapping project 2017

Erin Castellas, Jo Barraket, Kiros Hiruy & Roksolana Suchowerska

COVID-19: Australian news and misinformation

Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young Lee & Kieran McGuinness

Ethics and transport planning in a time of urban extremes

Rebecca Clements, Ian Woodcock, James Whitten & Crystal Legacy

Decision support tools in city planning: bridging the gap between numerologists and conversationalists

Jan Scheurer, Sam McLeod & Carey Curtis

Removing seriously ill asylum seekers from Australia

Robyn Sampson, Ignacio Correa-Velez & Grant Mitchell

Independent review of the Performance Improvement Framework

The origin of rejection: Sydney’s first ideological battle with apartments

George Greiss

Digital news report: Australia 2020

Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young Lee, Kieran McGuinness, Yoonmo Sang, Mathieu O’Neil, Michael Jensen, Kerry McCallum & Glen Fuller

Licensing the radical: from licensed squatting to meanwhile use in London and Regional Australia

Cathy Smith

Everyday humanitarianism during the 2019/2020 Australian bushfire crisis

Samuel Wilson, Diane Sivasubramaniam, Jane Farmer, Amir Aryani, Tracy De Cotta, Peter Kampstra, Viktoria Adler & Jasmine Knox

Children and young people in statutory out-of-home care: health needs and health care in the 21st century

Susan M. Webster
This report provides a retrospective analysis of past Victorian government responses to the health needs of children in statutory Out-of-Home Care.

Communicating online: an evaluation of the Horticulture Industry Network website

Lisa M. Given, Megan Hill & Philip Paschke

A profile of Victorian seniors from refugee backgrounds: Health and wellbeing needs and access to aged care health and support services

Rebecca Atwell, Ignacio Correa-Velez & Sandy Gifford

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