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Dealing with unemployment: what should be the role of labour market programs?

Jeff Borland
Jeff Borland of the University of Melbourne looks at the evidence for various types of active labour market programs in Australia, uncovering some important lessons for policymakers.


Garry McDonald
Armyworms are caterpillar pests of grass pastures and cereal crops. They are the only caterpillars that growers are likely to encounter in cereal crops, although occasionally native budworm will also attack grain when underlying weed hosts dry out.

Growing wheat

Wheat is the most important cereal grain in world commerce. The framework for all winter crop production in Victoria, Australia, is based on the principles and practice of successful wheat farming. This Agriculture Note gives an overview of those principles.

Scabby mouth (orf) - a disease of sheep and goats

Scabby mouth (contagious ecthyma, orf) is a highly contagious, viral disease of sheep, goats and occasionally humans. It occurs throughout Victoria. This disease is a potential problem of live sheep exports due to the close confinement of animals and the feeding of sheep with pellets and hay that...

Curing and cutting chaff

Chaff is hay cut into small pieces for feeding to livestock. It is a good fodder, and at its best is cleanly and evenly cut, free of dust, of good colour and with a fresh aroma. Other materials are sometimes described as chaff, such as: The husks of grain separated by threshing or winnowing, often...

Pear scab

& Oscar Villalta
Pear scab, or black spot, is caused by the fungus Venturia pirina . It infects leaves, shoots, blossoms and fruit, and can cause serious crop loss especially in wet seasons when control measures are inadequate. The disease is found world-wide, wherever pears are grown. The fungus is closely related...

Further technical information on goat production

Bruce McGregor
This Agriculture Note provides details of general and technical references in Australian goat production. The Department provides some technical Agriculture Notes on goat production. There are also other general publications on goat production, some of which are listed below. For many inquiries,...

The good life in Asia's digital 21st century

The essays collected in this book are intended as an initial contribution by an emerging and open interdisciplinary research network consisting of students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and many other collaborators who share a deep interest in digital technologies and their role in improving life in...

Crises, disasters and politics: walking the tightrope

Jacqui Ewart, Hamish McLean & Kate Ames
Based on collaborative and ongoing research, this discussion paper considers crisis and disaster management and its intersection with the role of politicians in communicating with various publics before, during and after crises and disasters.

Assessing the climate change adaptability of buildings

Peter Graham, Arvind Varshney & Malay Dave
This paper aims to identify knowledge and policy gaps for climate-adaptable buildings in the area of assessment of buildings in particular measuring their vulnerability and aiding in creating climate-adaptable and resilient buildings.

Digital curation of public policy resources: discovery, access and management for policy and practice

Amanda Lawrence
This paper discusses public policy and grey literature use and management and the work of Australian Policy Online in developing its open access document and data digital library. Public policy and practice relies on a wide range of resources, including traditional scholarly publications, and those...

The economic case for a more effective response to youth homelessness

David MacKenzie, Paul Flatau & Adam Steen
This article argues that the Australian government needs to adopt a more sophisticated approach to addressing social problems such as homelessness, by investing in early intervention programs and more supportive social housing services.

Social media industries: bridging the gap between theory and practice

Anthony McCosker, David Reid & Cathy Farrell
This study investigates emerging roles in social media work across a range of professions and organisations, and the transforming media and communications environment associated with digital technologies, big data and social media platforms.

Open Government Partnership needs a little more time and attention

Peter Timmins & Amanda Lawrence
In November 2015, soon after he became Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull committed the Australian government to participating in the Open Government Partnership, something that had been promised by the Rudd/Gillard Labor Government but not acted upon by the Abbott Coalition Government. The Open...

The effectiveness and appropriateness of residential care for young children in Out of Home Care

& Sara McLean
A review of the published literature related to the effectiveness and appropriateness of residential care for young children placed into Out of Home Care.

Review of after-hours service models: learnings for regional, rural and remote communities

Kylie Armstrong
Evaluates the current delivery models of after-hours primary health.

What’s the state of play? The effects of state capital investment in Australia and regulatory implications

George Gilligan & Megan Bowman
The growing size and significance of investments by Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) and State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), especially those of rapidly growing Asian economies, are having a profound impact on the dynamics of markets across the world.

Competition in financial services

Carolyn M. Evans, Deborah Healey & Marina Nehme
Research into consumer welfare has produced evidence that is consistent with the assumption that competitive markets yield optimum outcomes for consumers. This research paper asks ‘what are the optimal competition law and policy settings that should apply to the financial services sector’?

Connecting the dots: econometric methods for uncovering networks with an application to the Australian financial institution

Mikhail Anufriev & Valentyn Panchenko
This paper connects variance-covariance estimation methods, Gaussian graphical models, and the growing literature on economic and nancial networks. We construct the network using the concept of partial correlations which captures direct linear dependence between any two entities, conditional on dependence between all other entities.

Security in retirement: the impact of housing and key critical life events

Andrea Sharam, Liss Ralston & Sharon Parkinson
The proportion of aged persons in Australia is set to increase significantly, posing many challenges. Amongst these is the growing number of households who lack housing security in retirement.

Green offices and recalcitrant tenants: exploring rating tools sensitivities for multi-story office buildings

Linda M. Pearce
Ratings tools have emerged to help classify the 'greenness' of a building. These ratings tools assess the energy use or environmental impact of the building and the rating is then used to communicate the building's predicted environmental performance to target owners and tenants. This paper performs a due diligence analysis on a case study green-rated multi-story commercial building in order to explore the stability of these ratings over time or circumstance.

School autonomy: necessary but not sufficient

Former public servant Dahle Suggett reviews the evidence on school autonomy and student outcomes for ANZSOG's Evidence Base journal.

Regulation of alcohol advertising: policy options for Australia

Sandra C. Jones & Ross Gordon
This article reviews the regulation of alcohol advertising (and its effectiveness) in Australia and three comparison countries - and finds some disappointing regulatory failures.

A home for all: cost-benefit analysis of The Wyatt Trust Housing Initiative grants

Andrew Beer, Laurence Lester & Sandy Horne
Homelessness and poverty are major challenges in South Australia with the state over-represented relative to other Australian states in the lowest income groups, it also has a high percentage of its population dependent upon statutory incomes

Dividend imputation: the international experience

Andrew Ainsworth
An overlooked aspect of the debate surrounding Australia’s dividend imputation system is the international experience with dividend imputation. Between 1999 and 2008, nine countries removed their dividend imputation systems. A number of questions arise. What was the motivation for removing imputation? How were dividends taxed after imputation was removed? What happened to corporate tax rates? And ultimately, what are the lessons for Australia? This paper seeks to provide answers to these questions. Along with Canada,...

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