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Deafness, gastroenteritis and fever

Shirley Aldridge, Jill Sewell & Michele Meehan
Deafness, gastroenteritis in children, and fever are discussed in this newsletter.

Impetigo and febrile convulsions

Keith Grimwood & Daryl Efron
Impetigo and febrile convulsions are considered in this Community Paediatric Review.

Eczema and discipline - setting limits

Jill Sewell &
This article discusses eczema and guidance for health practitioners working with parents who are struggling with disciplining their child.

Visual development in childhood and common eye problems

, Susan Carden & Deb Colville
This article provides a guide to normal visual development and an overview of common eye problems.

The health promoting nurse and brain research and the early years

Frank Oberklaid, Carolyn Briggs & Anne Stonehouse
The concept of the 'health promoting nurse' and new research pointing to the importance of the first three years of life are explored in this publication.

Asthma in children and gastroenteritis in children

Daryl Efron & Jill Sewell
The importance for community nurses to be up-to-date with current asthma best practice and gastroenteritis are discussed in this publication.

Parenting Information Project: volume five

This volume (Volume 5) details the compilation of information and program materials and resources undertaken for the Parenting Information Project.

Deformational plagiocephaly

John Meara
Deformational plagiocephaly, also known as positional plagiocephaly, refers to a misshapen (asymmetrical) head shape.

Australia adjusting: optimising national prosperity

This report puts forward a comprehensive economic reform agenda for an open and adaptive nation to enhance its economic flexibility, improve its capacity to innovate and maximise the potential of its human capital.

Setting public policy

This report provides analysis, discussion and rare personal insight from former prime ministers, premiers and senior public servants into policy and economic reform.

Body Mass Index (BMI) for children and infant-parent interaction

Louise Newman
Body Mass Index (BMI) for children and understanding the capacities of infants and the importance of communication for development are the focus of this publication.

Quality in children's services

The quality of children’s services has a profound influence on children’s development throughout the life course.

Overweight and obesity in childhood

Overweight/obesity during childhood is a major public health issue with more than 200,000 Australian children between 2-18 years now obese (Booth et al, 2003).

Linking schools and early years services

Addressing the low literacy levels of many children from disadvantaged backgrounds requires identifying and removing barriers these children face when starting school and will also require greater partnerships and collaboration between schools and early years services.

Towards an Early Years Learning Framework

The Australian and state and territory governments are committed to the development of a national Early Years Learning Framework.

Early childhood intervention: core knowledge and skills

Tim Moore
In its relatively short history, the field of early childhood intervention has evolved rapidly, and a number of well-documented trends have become evident.

Evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence

This policy brief outlines the complexities involved in selecting interventions for early childhood services.

Sustained home visiting for vulnerable families and children: a literature review of effective programs

Myfanwy McDonald, Tim Moore & Sharon Goldfeld
The paradox of service delivery for children and families is that vulnerable families – that is, those families with the greatest needs – are also the least likely to be able to access those service.

Promoting child and family social and emotional wellbeing, and constipation and encopresis

The foundations of good social and emotional development are formed in early infant-parent and caregiver relationships.

The future of early childhood education and care services in Australia

Myfanwy McDonald, Tim Moore & Rachel Robinson
This policy brief explores four key issues pertaining to the future of early childhood education and care in Australia: the importance of early childhood, quality early childhood education and care, service integration, and the inclusion of children with disability and developmental delays.

A snapshot of place-based activity promoting children’s wellbeing

Bella Laidlaw, Maria Fong & Rebecca Fry
This publication provides a snapshot of who is driving, doing and supporting place-based approaches to improve children’s outcomes.

The state of play in Australian place-based approaches for children

Rebecca Fry, Megan Keyes & Bella Laidlaw
This report provides recommended action to accelerate place-based efforts to improve children’s wellbeing and address inequalities in Australia, based on project findings.

Using the Family Partnership Model to engage communities

Myfanwy McDonald, Paul Prichard & Martin O’Byrne
This paper examines how policy-makers, government and non-profit organisations can use the philosophies underpinning the Family Partnership Model to engage communities in a way that respects and encourages self-determination.

Involving children and young people in research

Kate Bishop
Involving children and young people in participatory research can be of great benefit to the young participants as well as to researchers. However that involvement also raises a number of ethical and access challenges. Involving Children and Young People in Research is a compendium of papers that...

HIV futures seven: the health and wellbeing of HIV positive people in Australia

Jeffrey Grierson, Marian Pitts & Rachel Koelmeyer
The HIV Futures 7 survey was completed by 1058 HIV positive Australians from all states and territories.

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