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Homeless children in SA and Together4Kids, specialist children’s therapeutic service

Christine Gibson & Deborah Lockwood
The opportunities presented by the National Affordable Housing Agreement propelled the SA Homelessness Strategy Unit into implementing a range of reforms that built on existing strengths of the specialist homelessness services sector.

Data neophytes: first steps into the research data abyss

& Patrick Splawa-Neyman
This paper from the VALA conference explores the roles, functions, and possible definitions of data librarians based on two Australian National Data Service (ANDS) case study projects - Australian Policy Online at Swinburne University of Technology and data projects at Monash University. The...

Geoblocking and global video culture

Ramon Lobato & James Meese
Geoblocking and Global Video Culture explores the cultural implications of access control and circumvention in an age of VPNs. Featuring seventeen chapters from diverse critical positions and locations – including China, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, Cuba, Brazil, USA, Sweden and Australia. Contributors...

Do franking credits matter? Exploring the financial implications of dividend imputation

Andrew Ainsworth, Graham Partington & Geoff Warren
We examine the implications of the imputation system for stock prices and returns, cost of capital, project evaluation, capital structure, payout policy and investor portfolios. We also discuss potential impacts if the imputation system was dismantled or adjusted, perhaps in conjunction with a reduction in the corporate tax rate. A key theme is that the financial effects of imputation are often contentious. Most notably, the impact of imputation credits on share prices and cost of...

Joining forces - a partnership approach to effective justice: community-driven social controls working side by side with the Magistracy of the Northern Territory

Daniel Suggit
In February 2012, the consultant was engaged by the NT Department of Justice to undertake a review of Community Courts . Community Courts began as a formal pilot project in 2005 within the NT Court of Summary Jurisdiction under the direction of the then Chief Magistrate, Hugh Bradley, and with...

Review of the effectiveness of predictive models for mesothelioma to identify lessons for asbestos-related policy

Alison Reid
Systematic review of the models available for predicting asbestos-related mesothelioma, with a focus on what works best for current built-environment asbestos exposure.

The cost of youth homelessness in Australia: research brief

David MacKenzie, Paul Flatau & Adam Steen
This research brief examines the cost of youth homelessness in Australia and outlines the economic and social benefits that could be gained by adopting tailored early intervention strategies and policies.

National Emergency Access Target: aiming for the target but what about the goal?

Katharine Silk
Examines the National Emergency Access Targets with a focus on the policy instruments used and their effectiveness. This brief argues against the use of financially incentivised process measures in isolation for performance evaluation.

Agency theory and financial planning practice

Geoffrey Kingston &
This paper compares and contrasts mainstream agency theory with financial planning practice in Australia. It appears to be the first attempt to do so. It extends an influential mainstream contribution to the literature on agency theory and then uses this extension, in conjunction with other theoretical contributions, to shed light on actual contracts between investors, financial planners, licensees and product providers. The case for pure fee for service in actively managed funds and plans turns...

Approaches to financial system regulation: an international comparative survey

Andrew Schmulow
In the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis (GFC), and the catastrophic scale of regulatory failure, much attention has been paid to the various systems of financial system regulation currently in force. Of the total of four financial regulatory systems currently in use, ‘Twin Peaks’ has garnered the most interest, and gained widespread recognition; as has Australia both as an exemplar of ‘Twin Peaks’, and in its success in navigating the worst of the...

Effect of phase change materials on indoor thermal comfort of a flat building located in different climate regions of China

Yi Zhang &
In this research, the effect of phase change material (PCM) on indoor thermal comfortof a flat building located in five different climate regions of China was studied by an angle coefficient method and EnergyPlus. EnergyPlus was used to calculate temperatures of wall surfaces, and the angle coefficient method was used to calculate PMV (predicted mean vote) value located different indoor position. Based on the calculated PMV values for different distant to south wall, it can...

Field studies to investigate impact of increasing R-value of building envelope on winter indoor relative humidity of Auckland houses

Bin Su
Purpose / Context - The study investigates relationships of winter indoor relative humidity and R-value of building envelope of the Auckland houses. Methodology / Approach – Field study of indoor micro climatic conditions. Air temperatures and relative humidity adjacent to floors and ceilings of...

Effect of indoor thermal environment on children’s physical activity and body temperature

, Toshiharu Ikaga & Yukie Hayashi
Introduction: There have been several studies on the effect of housing environment on children’s health. In particular, health concerns stemming from children’s lack of physical activity and lower body temperature are becoming an issue in Japan. Because children have a larger body surface area-to-...

Investigation of energy performance of a rammed earth built residential house in sub-tropical, tropical and temperate climates of Australia

& Clyde Anderson
Purpose / Context - This paper will examine the predicted energy consumption (MJ/m2) of a resi-dential house made of rammed earth in sub-tropical, tropical and temperate climates of Australia using design data of the building fabric and glazing. Methodology - To improve energy performance of this...

Long-term thermal performance evaluation of green roof system in Shanghai District based on a new model

Yang He, Hang Yu & Akihito Ozaki
In recent years, most studies of green roof system are focused on short period measurement or modelling without considering long-term performance, however, the latter is concerned by many architects and engineers. And this paper is aimed to evaluate green roof's long-term thermal per-formance in...

Investigation and improvement of indoor air quality in office buildings

Liu Xu, Fang Liu &
Purpose / Context - Improve indoor air quality. Methodology / Approach - Investigate the objectives of the study through subjective questionnaire survey and field test of the selected parameters. Results – According to the practical problems of the office building, the reasonable solution is put...

Testing the effect of portfolio holdings disclosure in an environment absent of mandatory disclosure

Zhe Chen, David R. Gallagher & Adrian Lee
In Australia, the disclosure of investment portfolio holdings is presently at the discretion of fund managers. However, fund managers are facing the prospect of a legislated regime of mandatory portfolio disclosure, perhaps mirroring that which exists in the US and other OECD countries.

Valuation of Systematic Risk in the Cross-Section of Credit Default Swap Spreads

Sebastian Lohr, Arndt Claussen & Daniel Rosch
During the global financial crisis (GFC), there was an apparent mismatch between credit ratings and related default risks. This was specifically evident in the credit default swap (CDS) market, where spreads on higher-rated credits widened to a greater extent than those on lower-rated credits. This paper analyses the pricing of systematic risk factors in CDS contracts. It further examines whether contract-specific sensitivities to systematic risk factors are priced into swap contracts by controlling for individual...

MySuper vs. KiwiSaver: Retirement Saving for the Less Engaged

Geoff Warren
This paper compares Australia’s MySuper default superannuation funds with New Zealand’s range of KiwSaver funds. Some key points of contrast include: the relative maturity and larger balances within the Australian system; the broader range of assets evident in MySuper funds; the greater use of lifecycle strategies in Australia; the skew to conservative funds under KiwiSuper; and differing fee structures. It is argued that New Zealand could do more to enhance the probability of achieving adequate...

The size, cost and asset allocation of Australian self-managed superannuation funds

Bruce Arnold, Hazel Bateman & Andrew Ferguson
The 2004 legislation that facilitated choice for superannuation investors ushered in a period of rapid growth in pension savings in Australia. Within the overall industry, growth has been particularly strong in the self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) sector, with assets under management in this area having increased substantially over the past decade.

The Impact of Pillar 3 Disclosures on Asymmetric Information and Liquidity in Bank Stocks: Multi-Country Evidence

Jerry Parwarda, Kathryn Lau & Stefan Ruenzi
This paper provides an insight for regulators and market participants into the sharemarket impact of application of the Basel Pillar 3 bank risk reporting regime. A marked difference is found to exist in the frequency of the bank risk reporting regime in Australia compared to Europe.

Rise and rise of non-GAAP disclosure

Jeff Coulton, Andrea Ribeiro &
This monograph provides a detailed summary of how Australian firms report their financial performance.

Design decision-making towards energy-efficiency upgrades of residential building façade refurbishment

, Yue Fan &
Due to the low-regulated but high energy consumption residential stock and the energy standards required in China, awareness has been raised that refurbishment of the existing residential buildings is the solution to upgrade energy-efficiency. Cities in Northern China, such as Beijing, Harbin,...

Incongruence of superior goals and energy efficiency funding programs

Eva Frensemeier & Moritz Vom Hofe
Purpose / Context – Political topics like energy efficiency and climate protection are en vogue. There are manifold funding programmes, but since these are bound to the goals of the respective programmes, the implemented projects do not adequately consider integrative aspects. It is necessary to...

Benefits (and pitfalls) of long-term investing

Geoff Warren
Three key advantages held by long-term investors include: the capacity to adopt positions where payoff timing is uncertain; the ability to exploit opportunities generated by the actions of short-term investors; and latitude to invest in unlisted and/or illiquid assets. These advantages provide access to a broader investment opportunity set than available to short-term investors. Strategies suited to long-term investors include: capture of risk premiums arising from the actions of short-term investors; returns from liquidity provision;...

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