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The power of the humanities: Case studies from leading Australian researchers

Kathy Marks

An international comparison of the development of research data infrastructures: report and suggestions

Turning to online peer forums for suicide and self-harm support: “It does help having you guys”

Anthony McCosker & Michael Hartup

Cyber safety in remote Aboriginal communities: final report

Ellie Rennie, Tyson Yunkaporta & Indigo Holcombe-James

Serious Offenders Bill 2018

Alice Petrie

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO)

Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO) is an award-winning, open access knowledge hub and information service providing easy access to policy and practice research and resources.

Artificial Intelligence primer

, &

OECD examiners' report on science and technology in Australia


Arrested (re)development? Will multi-owned properties effect urban redevelopment in Auckland?

Craig Fredrickson

Understanding adaptive reuse diversity: heritage, brownfield sites and obsolete buildings

Gillian Armstrong

Housing senior Australians: three typologies of senior cohousing

Laura Wynne, Chris Riedy, Kylie McKenna, Matthew Daly & Caitlin McGee

Motivations and constraints of smart work in the public sector: evidence from the Australian Capital Territory government

Edmund Chylinski & Richard Hu

Full-stack engagement: vertical integration and process-precursors that promote bottom-up urban transformation

Stephen Glackin & Ori Gudes

“From choice to chance”: examining the choice-based letting system for tenant relocation in NSW

Maria de Lourdes Melo Zurita & Kristian Ruming

Urban wind comfort design guidelines: metrics, tools and application in Australian cities

Ehsan Sharifi, Farzin Ghanadi, Takahiro Tanaka & Maziar Arjomandi

The evolution of design excellence policy in the planning of central Sydney 2000-2016

Robert Freestone, Sarah Baker, Gethin Davison & Richard Hu

Trying to stay local in Sydney's 'global arc': social housing tenant perspectives

Laura Wynne

Urban green spaces in Australian cities: social inclusion and community participation

Judy Bush & Andréanne Doyon

Gold Coast light rail performance-based public private partnerships: an effective delivery model?

Mile Barbaric & Tooran Alizadeh

Inequitable density: the place of lower-income and disadvantaged residents in the compact city

Laura Crommelin, Laurence Troy & Hazel Easthope

Can regional restructuring be socially inclusive? The case of Northern Futures in Geelong, Victoria

Louise Johnson

Aspirations of residents from culturally diverse backgrounds moving to MPEs in newly emerging suburbs

Christian Roggenbuck

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