106 Works

Data collection for community-based allied health chronic disease management

Jonathan Foo & Rebecca Haddock

Making sense of ‘cities’: a thematic analysis of Australian cities policy from 1991 onwards

Christian Roggenbuck & Tamlin Gorter

New bushfire threats to peri-urban areas from climate change: challenges for land use planning

Michael Buxton

From rhetoric to actuality: researching “access” and “inclusion” in one Australian city

Louise Johnson, David Kelly, Fiona Andrews, Ursula de Jong, Patsie Frawley & Richard Tucker

The power of integrated spatial modelling: RailSmart Planning Wanneroo

Belinda Robson, Sharon Biermann & Tristan Reed

Conflict and contradictions of multiple hard planning spaces

Kane Pham & Lee Pugalis

Supporting people with dementia and their families in rural Victoria: report of a community volunteer program

Hilary Davis, Jane Farmer & Ivana Randjelovic

What types of evidence are available for translating health evidence into planning strategies for higher density living? A review of the literature

Irena Connon, Jason Prior, Jennifer Kent & Laura Goh

Podcast trends and issues in Australia and beyond: global perspectives

Yoonmo Sang, Jee Young Lee & Sora Park

The promise of social procurement: leveraging purchasing power to create inclusive employment opportunities

Maria Mupanemunda
Using the state of Victoria as a case study, this paper demonstrates that linking employment policy objectives to public procurement has considerable potential, provided certain conditions are met.

Doing research differently: archiving and sharing qualitative data in studies of childhood, education and youth

Julie McLeod, Kate O’Connor & Nicole Davis

Everyday humanitarianism during the 2019/2020 Australian bushfire crisis

Samuel Wilson, Diane Sivasubramaniam, Jane Farmer, Amir Aryani, Tracy De Cotta, Peter Kampstra, Viktoria Adler & Jasmine Knox

Licensing the radical: from licensed squatting to meanwhile use in London and Regional Australia

Cathy Smith

Stakeholders’ perspectives towards age-friendly housing

Reshma Shrestha, Alpana Sivam & Sadasivam Karuppannan

North East Link Bill 2020: Bill Brief

Ben Huf, Holly McLean & Annie Wright

Digital news report: Australia 2020

Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young Lee, Kieran McGuinness, Yoonmo Sang, Mathieu O’Neil, Michael Jensen, Kerry McCallum & Glen Fuller

The origin of rejection: Sydney’s first ideological battle with apartments

George Greiss

Decision support tools in city planning: bridging the gap between numerologists and conversationalists

Jan Scheurer, Sam McLeod & Carey Curtis

Will driverless cars produce walkable cities for Australia?

Ian Woodcock, Iain Lawrie & John Stone

COVID-19: Australian news and misinformation

Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Jee Young Lee & Kieran McGuinness

Ethics and transport planning in a time of urban extremes

Rebecca Clements, Ian Woodcock, James Whitten & Crystal Legacy

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