106 Works

The impact of COVID-19 on families in hardship in Western Australia

Zoe Callis, Ami Seivwright, Carol Orr & Paul Flatau

Residential aged care in Victoria: quick guide

Ben Huf

Improving health equity among young people: the role of social enterprise - final report

Jo Barraket, Perri Campbell, Batool Moussa, Roksolana Suchowerska, Jane Farmer, Gemma Carey, Andrew Joyce, Chris Mason & Joanne McNeill

Insights into contemporary young offender behaviour in Victoria

Monica Thielking & Rana Abou-Sinna

Improving the uptake of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Australian hospitals

Andini Yulina Pramono

Australian perspectives on misinformation

Mathieu O’Neil & Michael Jensen

Policy and program options for improving energy efficiency in low income households

Edgar Liu, & Bruce Judd
The main objective of this rapid systematic review is to synthesise knowledge from secondary literature employing systematic review and meta-analytic approaches on the mix and effectiveness of policy and program options for improving the energy efficiency of the homes in which low-income households reside.

How to raise the status of teachers using digitally mediated social innovation

Rosemary Fisher, Andrew Rixon, Kristina Turner &

Creating new stories: alcohol culture change through social entrepreneurship

Andrew Rixon, Rosemary Fisher, Joelle Hawa &
The insights in this report provide particular insights into young people and their views around alcohol culture and late night entertainment.

2019–20 bushfires: quick guide

Ben Huf & Holly McLean
This Quick Guide provides a short overview of the 2019–20 fire season and government responses to date, as Parliament resumes for 2020. It includes an overview of bushfire inquiries that have been conducted over the past two decades and highlights the considerable information collated by recent inquiries relating to two of the major issues linked with this fire season, prescribed burning and climate change.The 2019–20 fires have occurred on an extensive national scale. The impacts suffered by Victoria...

Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Amendment (Pill Testing Pilot for Drug Harm Reduction) Bill 2019: Bill Brief

Annie Wright & Holly McLean
This Bill Brief looks at legislative attempts to introduce pill testing across all Australian states and territories. It includes an overview of major stakeholder opinions on pill testing, and brief descriptions of existing pill testing programs in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Addressing racism to improve healthcare outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a case study in kidney care

Christopher Bourke, Mandy Truong, Yomei Jones, Jonathon Hunyor & Paul Lawton

Integration of general practice pharmacists into primary healthcare settings for chronic disease management

Caitlin Shaw

Energy efficiency in the Australian social housing sector: barriers along avenues of assistance

Edgar Liu & Daniel Daly

An affordable housing negotiation calculator: identifying feasible opportunities for voluntary agreements

Georgia Warren-Myers, Katrine Raynor & Matthew Palm

Relationality: an Indigenous approach to housing design

Lipon Saha, Ron Nicholls, Alpana Sivam & Sadasivam Karuppannan

Cities as forerunners: local climate governance and the carbon neutral city

Stephen Pollard

Socialising parking: public opportunities via regulated market approaches

Rebecca Clements

A qualitative study of Sacred Heart Mission’s Journey to Social Inclusion (J2SI) Phase 2 Program: experiences and perspectives of J2SI study participants

Monica Thielking, Bronte McLeod, Jessica Mackelprang, Jude Spiers, Zoe Callis, Ami Seivwright & Paul Flatau

Analysis and optimisation strategy of employment decentralisation in Perth through density and accessibility indicators

Keone Kelobonye, Jianhong Cecilia Xia, Mohammad Shahidul Hasan Swapan, Gary McCarney & Heng Zhou

Building a holistic approach: towards an interdisciplinary platform for housing affordability

Alexandra McRobert

Families adapting to density in a suburban medium density community housing development in Auckland, New Zealand

Simon Opit, Karen Witten, Emma Ferguson & Robin Kearns

Australian regional journalists: what they need and how they see the future

Caroline Fisher, Sora Park, Saffron Howden, Jee Young Lee & Kieran McGuinness

Governance and engagement to optimise outcomes for public transport mega-projects

Brendon Baker & Natalie Liew

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