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Translating aged care reform recommendations to action

Christopher Bourke & Alison Verhoeven
The final report of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety was tabled on 1 March 2021 and included 148 recommendations. This briefing paper examines the themes of the report and provides a way forward for the Australian government that is transparent and promotes public good.

Rural Outreach Program Evaluation end of year report 2020

Hilary Davis, Lewis Gurr-Stephen & Jane Farmer

Disruptor and accelerator: COVID-19's impact on the Australian sport industry

Adam Karg, Jonathan Robertson & Scott Dinsdale
This report collates experiences and perspectives based on roundtables and interviews conducted with senior sport executives in October-November 2020, six months after the disruption caused by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

The Western Australian Alliance to End Homelessness outcomes measurement and evaluation framework: dashboard 2021

Paul Flatau, Leanne Lester, Jenny Fairthorne &

Digital news report: Australia 2021

Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, Kieran McGuinness &

News futures: research and policy roundtable

Social security and stigma in Australia

Aurora Elmes, Jeremiah Brown, Gemma Carey &

Social connection 101

Jane Farmer, Tracy De Cotta, Catherine Hartung &

Measuring Australia’s digital divide: the Australian digital inclusion index 2021

Julian Thomas, Jo Barraket, Sharon Parkinson &

Nothing gained by only counting dwellings per hectare: a hundred years of confusing urban densities

Elek Pafka
This paper explores the use of urban density measures in urban planning and discusses its disadvantages.

The Australian digital inclusion index: consultation paper

Julian Thomas, Jo Barraket, Chris K. Wilson &

Mental Health Deep Dive: effective and promising practice in mental health promotion with young people

Aurora Elmes, Rachael Dufour, Aleksandra Olekalns &

Big data for Australian social policy: developments, benefits and risks

Janet Chan & Peter Saunders
This edited volume reports on the findings of a three-year ARC-funded project examining the application and use of big data, data linkage and related technologies in social policy.

2016 Debian Project survey: work and volunteers

Mathieu O’Neil, Stefano Zacchiroli & Molly De Blanc

State of the social sciences 2021

Social sciences are the fields of research on, and knowledge about, society. They are deeply connected and embedded in our social systems and structures. This publication provides a compact guide to the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting Australian social science, to facilitate system-wide planning for a stronger social science ecosystem.

Mental Health Deep Dive: community consultation and final report

Lisette Kaleveld, Yasmine Hooper, Kelly Clark &

Mental Health Deep Dive: summary report

Lisette Kaleveld, Yasmine Hooper, Kelly Clark &

The 15 practices of rural community co-produced mental health initiatives: advice from people who are doing them

Jasmine Knox, Tracy De Cotta & Jane Farmer

The coproduction of open source software by volunteers and big tech firms

Mathieu O’Neil, , Laure Muselli &
Big tech firms such as Amazon are using cloud computing and Software as a Service to transform open source software, which is intended to be shared and modified, into closed assets. This report maps how firms are collaborating with communities of unpaid volunteers to produce open source code, used in most IT applications and infrastructures.

Managing the long term health consequences of COVID-19 in Australia

Martin Hensher, Mary Rose Angeles, Barbara De Graaf &
This paper argues that Australian governments should consider an effective and proportionate value-based response to COVID-19, and its longer-term health consequences, that considers patient health outcomes and costs.

Hope and Assistance Local Tradies (HALT) program evaluation

Hilary Davis & Kayla Royals

COVID-19, digital inclusion, and the Australian cultural sector: a research snapshot

Indigo Holcombe-James

Supporting school aged children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

Caroline Walker & Rebecca Haddock
This briefing paper examines the impact of Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) in Australia across the health and education policy settings.

Telehealth coaching in oral healthcare

Christopher Bourke, Andrew McAuliffe, Kavita Lobo &
Value-Based Health Care is increasingly being considered by governments and health service providers in Australia as they seek to improve patient outcomes and

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