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Doorknocking for mental health: evaluating a novel outreach approach for addressing mental health

Lisette Kaleveld, Yasmine Hooper, Emma Crane &

Home truths about mental health in Australian communities: what we learnt about mental health from doorknocking conversations

Yasmine Hooper, Lisette Kaleveld & Leanne Lester

Leadership in the charity sector: how Australians view the integrity, competence and contribution of charities

Samuel Wilson, Vladimir Demsar & Melissa Wheeler

ICT and older adults in the City of Whittlesea

Bernardo Figueiredo, Rachel Peile & Torgeir Aleti
This report addresses three topics of interest to the City of Whittlesea for the development of support programs for older adults - aspirations of older adults to adopt technology, barriers preventing older adults from taking up technology, and strategies to support older adults.

Mapping the digital gap: Gangan, Arnhem Land NT community outcomes report 2022

Daniel Featherstone, Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Indigo Holcombe-James &

Children, Youth and Families Amendment (Raise the Age) Bill 2022: Bill Brief

Annie Wright
This paper outlines selected aspects of proposed changes to the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005​​​​​​​, in relation to raising the age of criminal responsibility in Victoria. It provides a jurisdictional comparison on what other Australian jurisdictions have done in this space, and outlines some of the arguments for and against raising the minimum age of criminal responsibility.

Smart TVs and local content prominence

Ramon Lobato, Alexa Scarlata & Bruno Schivinski

Mapping ADM in Australian social services

Brook Ann Coco, Paul Henman & Lyndal Sleep
This report outlines the findings of a project which aimed to provide a baseline dataset for researchers on the types of automated decision-making systems being utilised in Australian social services.

From the top: learning from ACMI’s CEO Digital Mentoring Program 2021-22

Indigo Indigo Holcombe-James, Eloise Florence & Stephanie Livingstone

Door-to-door for mental health: a summary report

Lisette Kaleveld & Yasmine Hooper

Chronology of primary and secondary school closures in Victoria due to COVID-19

Annie Wright
This updated chronology provides an overview of key opening and closing dates for Victorian primary and secondary schools in response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Valuing diversity in news and newsrooms

Kieran McGuinness, Sora Park, Jee Young Lee &

Understanding the elements of employment support

Erin Wilson, Joanne Qian-Khoo, Jenny Crosbie &

The logic for reform: employment for people with intellectual disability in Australia

Erin Wilson, Joanne Qian-Khoo, Jenny Crosbie &

School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) – reshaping the approach

Erin Wilson, Jenny Crosbie, Joanne Qian-Khoo &

Understanding the employment ecosystem for people with intellectual disability

Erin Wilson, Joanne Qian-Khoo, Jenny Crosbie &

The ADE Snapshot

Erin Wilson, Joanne Qian-Khoo, Laura Cutroni &

Boordiya Waangkiny: Elders’ stories of hope, resilience and connection

Donna Oxenham, Carol Hayward, Carol Innes &
Like other Aboriginal nations across Australia, the Noongar people from the southwest of Western Australia continue to survive the impacts of a colonial regime and have shown throughout the past two centuries an ability to adapt to their changing environments. The Noongar people’s continued resilience, connection to culture and hope for the future is the basis for this publication.

Chronology of Victorian border closures due to COVID-19

Annie Wright
This updated chronology provides an overview of Victorian border closures in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19.

Linking scholarly articles to SDGs: an automated approach

Amir Aryani, , Duong Nhu &
This paper proposes methodological approaches to automatically categorise journal articles into one or more Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The authors collaborate with Swinburne University of Technology researchers to collect a set of sustainable development articles with topics covering all SDGs.

The WISE-Ability Model

Perri Campbell, Erin Wilson, Jenny Crosbie &

Mapping the digital gap: Kalumburu, Kimberleys, WA community outcomes report 2022

Daniel Featherstone, Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Indigo Holcombe-James &
This report outlines the initial findings from a 2022 visit, and highlights the current access to and use of media, telecommunications and online services, as well as the digital inclusion and service delivery challenges in Kalumburu.

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