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Data for galaxy assymetry experiment

Lior Shamir
This page provides links to data files used in the experiment described in Photometric asymmetry between clockwise and counterclockwise spiral galaxies in SDSS

The files can be uploaded to CAS and then used to replicate the results of the experiment. For instance, comparing the r magnitude of the of the classes can be done with the following CAS query:

select avg(g) from PhotoObjAll, MyDB.cw where Objid=ID and g>0 and ra>90 and ra<270...

Thermonuclear Burst Observations for Model Comparisons: A Reference Sample

Duncan K. Galloway
A sample of burst light curves of thermonuclear (type-I) X-ray bursts, selected for comparison with numerical models. Provided are examples of four distinct cases of thermonuclear ignition: He-ignition in mixed H/He fuel (case 1); He-ignition in pure He fuel, following exhaustion of accreted H by steady burning (case 2); ignition in (almost) pure He accumulated from an evolved donor in an ultracompact system; and an example of a superburst, thought to arise from ignition of...

Information and research for policy and practice: survey of producing organisations data

Amanda Lawrence, Julian Thomas, John W. Houghton & Paul Weldon

The MALT90 line catalog

The Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz (MALT90) survey aims to characterise the physical and chemical evolution of high-mass clumps. Recently completed, it mapped 90 GHz line emission toward 3246 high-mass clumps identified from the ATLASGAL 870um Galactic plane survey. By utilising the broad frequency coverage of the Mopra telescope's spectrometer, maps in 16 different emission lines were simultaneously obtained. This catalog reports the detected line emission, generated by Gaussian profile fitting to spectra extracted...

The All-Sky Portable (ASP) optical catalog

Eric Flesch
This "All-Sky Portable" (ASP) catalogue has 1,110,540,822 optical sources, de-duplicated, and stored at 7 bytes per object and so totalling 7.2Gb for the full catalogue, zipped to 5.5Gb and so compact enough to be downloadable over the internet. There are 18 zip files, each of which contains 12 ASP files. Data is from the APM (http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~mike/apmcat), USNO-B & USNO-A (http://www.nofs.navy.mil), and SDSS (http://sdss.org) with astrometry accurate to 1-2 arcsec, and red-blue photometry often recalibrated. This...

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