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Mapping right-wing extremism in Victoria

Christine Agius, Kay Cook, Lucy Nicholas, Ashir Ahmed, Hamza bin Jehangir, Noorie Safa, Taylor Hardwick & Sally Clark

Benefits (and pitfalls) of long-term investing

Geoff Warren
Three key advantages held by long-term investors include: the capacity to adopt positions where payoff timing is uncertain; the ability to exploit opportunities generated by the actions of short-term investors; and latitude to invest in unlisted and/or illiquid assets. These advantages provide access to a broader investment opportunity set than available to short-term investors. Strategies suited to long-term investors include: capture of risk premiums arising from the actions of short-term investors; returns from liquidity provision;...

Delegation, trust and defaulting in retirement savings: Perspectives from plan executives and members

Adam Butt, Scott Donald, Doug Foster, Susan Thorp & Geoff Warren
We combine survey data from retirement plan members with information from interviews with plan executives to get both perspectives on who accepts the default plan and default investment option and why. We use a natural experiment in default construction where a new regulatory framework required providers to have stipulated default settings in place by early 2014. We find that not all retirement savings plan members who default at the plan choice stage default at the...

How does financial literacy affect the savings decision?

Paul Brockman & David Michayluk
Savings decisions are essential in reallocating income across periods but understanding this concept may be mired by low levels of financial literacy. We survey individuals to identify the role of financial literacy in savings rates. We note differences in financial literacy and savings rates between genders and across age groups and income levels. We show that in each income group, people with low financial literacy save significantly less than others. We examine specific components of...

Digital news report: Australia 2017

Jerry Watkins, Sora Park, Caroline Fisher, R. Warwick Blood, Glen Fuller, Virginia Haussegger, Michael Jensen, Jee Young Lee & Franco Papandrea
The Digital News Report: Australia 2017 provides unique insights into what Australians think about news brands, and how and why we consume news. This is the third in a series of annual reports which tracks changes in news consumption in Australia over time. The online survey was conducted in Australia between late January and early February 2017. The final sample size was 2,004 adults who access news once a month or more. The Australian survey...

Detroit: what lessons for Victoria from a ‘post-industrial’ city?

Tom Barnes
Victoria’s manufacturing sector has been in decline for several years. A range of workplace closures – not least the announcement by Australia’s last remaining carmakers that local motor vehicle manufacturing would be wound-down by 2016-17 – have had a significant impact on communities. Job losses threaten to undermine households and community cohesion. How affected cities and regions respond to these challenges is extremely important, including the collaborative efforts of government, business and community organisations. In...

50 Lives 50 Homes: a housing first response to homelessness - first evaluation report

Lisa Wood, Shannen Vallesi, Darja Kragt, Paul Flatau, Nicholas Wood, Angela Gazey & Leanne Lester

Active disinvestment in low-value care in Australia will improve patient outcomes and reduce waste

Victoria McCreanor

The 2017 Northcote by-election

Bella Lesman

The power of the humanities: Case studies from leading Australian researchers

Kathy Marks

An international comparison of the development of research data infrastructures: report and suggestions

Turning to online peer forums for suicide and self-harm support: “It does help having you guys”

Anthony McCosker & Michael Hartup

Cyber safety in remote Aboriginal communities: final report

Ellie Rennie, Tyson Yunkaporta & Indigo Holcombe-James

Serious Offenders Bill 2018

Alice Petrie

Artificial Intelligence primer

, &

OECD examiners' report on science and technology in Australia


Arrested (re)development? Will multi-owned properties effect urban redevelopment in Auckland?

Craig Fredrickson

Understanding adaptive reuse diversity: heritage, brownfield sites and obsolete buildings

Gillian Armstrong

Housing senior Australians: three typologies of senior cohousing

Laura Wynne, Chris Riedy, Kylie McKenna, Matthew Daly & Caitlin McGee

Motivations and constraints of smart work in the public sector: evidence from the Australian Capital Territory government

Edmund Chylinski & Richard Hu

Full-stack engagement: vertical integration and process-precursors that promote bottom-up urban transformation

Stephen Glackin & Ori Gudes

“From choice to chance”: examining the choice-based letting system for tenant relocation in NSW

Maria de Lourdes Melo Zurita & Kristian Ruming

Urban wind comfort design guidelines: metrics, tools and application in Australian cities

Ehsan Sharifi, Farzin Ghanadi, Takahiro Tanaka & Maziar Arjomandi

The evolution of design excellence policy in the planning of central Sydney 2000-2016

Robert Freestone, Sarah Baker, Gethin Davison & Richard Hu

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