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Spatial and temporal patterns in particle retention in vuggy porous media

Hasan Khan, Masa Prodanovic & David DiCarlo
Vuggy porous media with five different vug configurations are fabricated: no vug, single vug, two vugs in series, two vugs in parallel, and random distribution of vugs. Suspended glass beads (50 micron diameter and 1% vol/vol) are injected in the vuggy core and temporal CT scans are conducted.

Offshore miocene sandstone (Folk McBride Collection)

Masa Prodanovic, Kitty Milliken & Ayaz Mehmani
Offshore miocene sandstone (Folk McBride Collection) Example thin section from an offshore Texas miocene sandstone. Quart-rich medium sand. Well number SMI 236 A4. To view the scanned thin-sections use VPViewer developed by Innova Plex, Inc. Please contact blee@innovaplex.com to obtain a license. The resolution for all samples and all magnifications is 1 micrometer per pixel. The file naming follows the template OffshoreMiocene_20.jpx_0.05x_1817_3486_ppl.jpg with: OffshoreMiocene_20 = Base name of the file 0.05x = magnification 1817, 3486...

Mimicking Geological Fabrics for Multiphase Flow Experiments

Prasanna Ganesan Krishnamurthy, David DiCarlo & Timothy Meckel
2D bead-packs (0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.02 m) were generated with realistic geological features (cross-stratification and ripple lamination). To demonstrate an application of the technique, gravity unstable multiphase flow experiments were conducted in the generated bead-packs. This project contains time-lapse videos of these flow experiments.

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  • 2019

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  • The University of Texas at Austin