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Mimicking Geological Fabrics for Multiphase Flow Experiments

Prasanna Ganesan Krishnamurthy, David DiCarlo & Timothy Meckel
2D bead-packs (0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.02 m) were generated with realistic geological features (cross-stratification and ripple lamination). To demonstrate an application of the technique, gravity unstable multiphase flow experiments were conducted in the generated bead-packs. This project contains time-lapse videos of these flow experiments.

Offshore miocene sandstone (Folk McBride Collection)

Masa Prodanovic, Kitty Milliken & Ayaz Mehmani
Offshore miocene sandstone (Folk McBride Collection) Example thin section from an offshore Texas miocene sandstone. Quart-rich medium sand. Well number SMI 236 A4. To view the scanned thin-sections use VPViewer developed by Innova Plex, Inc. Please contact blee@innovaplex.com to obtain a license. The resolution for all samples and all magnifications is 1 micrometer per pixel. The file naming follows the template OffshoreMiocene_20.jpx_0.05x_1817_3486_ppl.jpg with: OffshoreMiocene_20 = Base name of the file 0.05x = magnification 1817, 3486...

Fractures with variable roughness and wettability

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Methane Hydrate Formation micro-CT images

Xiongyu Chen , D Nicolas Espinoza, Jeffrey Luo, Nicola Tisato & Peter Flemings
This project include X-ray micro-CT images of methane hydrate formation in sandy sediments in two experiments: (1) NaBr experiment at 0 day (out of hydrate stability zone) and after 19 days of hydrate formation. Hydrate formation was induced by cooling at high pressure. Brine: 1.5 wt% NaBr brine. resolution: 12.50 um. (2) KI experiment #1 at 0 day (out of hydrate stability zone) and after 13 days of hydrate formation. Hydrate formation was induced by...

Capillary rise in vuggy porous media

Hasan J Khan, Masa Prodanovic, Ayaz Mehmani, David DiCarlo & Dayeed Khan
Capillary rise in vuggy porous media

Mudrock images from Nankai Trough

Abhishek Bihani, Hugh Daigle, Masa Prodanovic, Kitty Milliken & Javier E. Santos
An image analysis workflow was used to study the electron microscopy images of uncemented muds obtained at various depths (< 1.1 km burial) in the Kumano Basin of Nankai Trough offshore Japan for studying the silt bridging phenomenon. Forty-nine images from five core samples at different depths of Site C0002 obtained during Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expeditions 315 and 338 were used for the study. The original image set can be found at https://www.digitalrocksportal.org/projects/42....

Targeted CT: Predictive Digital Rock Physics Models Without Segmentation

Eric Goldfarb, Masa Prodanovic, Richard Ketcham, Nicola Tisato & Ken Ikeda
In order to understand measurements from geophysical surveys, it is important to study rock samples in a laboratory setting. Digital rock physics (DRP) is a non invasive way estimate these same properties using numerical models. We have introduced a workflow to estimate rock properties, and this repository accompanies a manuscript where we explain the method. Here, we include our CT scans of four Berea Sandstone plugs which are used in the manuscript by Goldfarb et...

Spatial and temporal patterns in particle retention in vuggy porous media

Hasan Khan, Masa Prodanovic & David DiCarlo
Vuggy porous media with five different vug configurations are fabricated: no vug, single vug, two vugs in series, two vugs in parallel, and random distribution of vugs. Suspended glass beads (50 micron diameter and 1% vol/vol) are injected in the vuggy core and temporal CT scans are conducted.

Evaluation of Capillary Pressure in Digital Rock Petrophysics

Christoph Arns, , , &

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