Carbonates: Porosity and permeability voxel to voxel

Leandro Ferreira, Rodrigo Surmas, Mônica Silva & Ricardo Peçanha
We acquired micro-CT images from two carbonate outcrops (Indiana Limestone and Silurian Dolomite), and used it to calculate porosity at each voxel (the samples are considered pure, since Indiana Limestone is 99% calcite, and Silurian Dolomite, 97% dolomite). For thus, we segmented pores (porosity=100%) and 'solid' (porosity=5%) and used the grayscale of these two points to calculate porosity directly in the image. Since there is no voxel with 100% solid at the resolutions used, we...

Registration Year

  • 2020

Resource Types

  • Dataset


  • Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro