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Surface structure of Ketton rock

Maja Rücker & Paul Luckham
The dataset contains the height map of the surface of Ketton rock obtained with atomic force microscopy, the corresponding 3D reconstruction and the results of a drainage simulation.

Residual CO2 trapping in oil-wet sandstone

Adriana Paluszny, Stefan Iglauer & Maxim Lebedev
MicroCT images of residual CO2 trapping in oil wet sandstone.

A large scale X-Ray micro-tomography dataset of steady-state multiphase flow

Samuel Jackson, Qingyang Lin & Samuel Krevor
This dataset contains raw and segmented X-Ray micro-tomography images from steady-state drainage and imbibition flow experiments in two distinct Bentheimer sandstones. The dataset is presented and utilised in the paper 'Representative elementary volumes, hysteresis and heterogeneity in multiphase flow from the pore to continuum scale' available at: https://eartharxiv.org/2aejr/. Full details of the experimental setup, procedure and imaging analysis can be found in the paper and supporting information. The experiments consist of steady-state co-injection core floods...

Berea sandstone: X-ray micro-CT imaging of waterflooding in a water-wet and a mixed-wet sample

Gaetano Garfi, Qingyang Lin, Steffen Berg & Samuel Krevor
X-ray micro-CT images of waterflooding in Berea sandstone. The datasets consists of two imaged datasets: - segmented water-wet sample (Berea_Unaltered_waterflooding_segmented) - segmented mixed-wet sample (Berea_Altered_waterflooding_segmented) The images were segmented into six phases: clay minerals; quartz-feldspar minerals; cemented calcite; others highly X-ray attenuating minerals; brine phase; oil phase. These images have been employed to investigate the role of mineralogy in controlling rock wetting state in oil-brine systems. For additional information, please refer to Garfi et al....

Pore-scale imaging of multiphase flow at steady state for a mixed-wet Bentheimer sandstone

Qingyang Lin, Branko Bijeljic, Steffen Berg, Ronny Pini, Martin Blunt & Samuel Krevor
Segmented images of the inhibition process for a mixed-wet Bentheimer sandstone at different fractional flows at steady state.

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  • 2019

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