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Partially Cemented Tight Sandstone Fracture

Masa Prodanovic, Adenike Tokan-Lawal & Peter Eichhubl
X-ray microtomography image of partially cemented fracture from Travis Peak Formation in Texas, well SFOT #1, sample taken from depth of 10105ft.

Stalagmite ML-1 NCT and XCT scanning

Barbara Wortham
Stalagmite ML-1 was scanned using neutron and x-ray computed tomography to assess the internal structure and liquid inclusion distribution. The x-ray computed tomography data illustrate the internal calcite density and crystal structure. The neutron computed tomography data show the distribution of light atoms, like hydrogen, in the stalagmite lattice.

Uniform quartz - Silver nanoparticle injection experiment

Ian Molnar
The dataset contains a series of SXCMT images of a sandy quartz media column during silver nanoparticle injection and elution from this media. The column was imaged 8 times during the silver nanoparticle transport experiment, and 4 images were captured at each time-step (at 4 different energies). Each set of 4 images were compiled to create 1 dataset of pore-scale silver nanoparticle concentration distribution for each time-step.

High resolution X-ray micro-tomography datasets for in-situ effective contact angle analysis in carbonate rocks

Kamaljit Singh & Martin J. Blunt
The datasets contain high resolution X-ray micro-tomographic images (raw, filtered and segmented) obtained after a drainage-imbibition cycle in a water-wet Ketton carbonate rock sample. Two subsets (SSa and SSb) were extracted from the tomographic images on which we have performed automatic effective contact angle measurements. Further details for image analysis can be obtained from: 1. Singh, K., Bijeljic, B. and Blunt, M.J. (2016). Imaging of oil layers, curvature and contact angle in a mixed-wet and...

Residual air in air/brine systems

Charlotte Garing, Marco Voltolini, Jonathan B. Ajo-Franklin & Sally M. Benson
The objective of this study was to obtain pore-scale images of residual gas in three different pore structures using X-ray computed microtomography in order to measure gas ganglia capillary pressures using air/brine interfacial curvature measurements. The present data set consists of raw images of air and brine after a gravity-driven imbibition in three samples: a glass bead pack, a Boise sandstone and a Fontainebleau sandstone, acquired with various resolution (2X - 4X/5X - 10X) leading...

Savonnières carbonate

Tom Bultreys, Jeroen Van Stappen, Tim De Kock, Wesley De Boever, Marijn A. Boone, Luc Van Hoorebeke & Veerle Cnudde
Savonnières limestone is a mono-mineralic, calcitic, layered oolithic limestone belonging to the Oolithe Vacuolaire (France). Its pore structure contains 4 types of porosity: inter-granular and intra-oolithic microporosity, and inter- granular and micro-connected macroporosity (hollow ooliths). The hollow ooliths are only connected to the other macro-pores by microporosity in the oolith-shells. Depending on local variations, the permeability ranges from 115 mD to more than 2000 mD (based on TinyPerm mini-permeameter measurements), and porosity ranges from 22%...

Downscaling-based segmentation for unresolved images of highly heterogeneous granular porous samples

Ilenia Battiato Svyatoslav Korneev
We propose a simple and efficient algorithm of downscaling followed by segmentation to reconstruct the unresolved pore space from X-ray computed tomography (XCT) images of natural geological porous media columns. Contrary to widely employed single and multilevel threshold-based segmentation, the proposed method is based on a continuous map between pixel intensity and local pixel porosity that does not rely on the definition of arbitrary thresholds. The approach is used to generate a high-resolution binary image...

Fractional-wet medium (OpenFOAM File)

Peyman Mohammadmoradi
2D fractional-wet medium including oil-wet and water-wet portions. The medium is meshed using COMSOL. The mesh file is converted to the OpenFOAM format using an in-house package. The attached file contains "constant" and "system" folders and the case can be easily customized for CFD-based studies using OpenFOAM.

Fluid Configurations in a Random Sphere Packing

James McClure
Two-fluid phase configurations in a periodic random close packing of spheres with porosity 0.369. This data set contains equilibrium fluid configurations obtained using the lattice Boltzmann method based on randomly initialized distribution of phases for a variety of fluid saturations. Data sets are labeled with the initial fluid saturation (sw_XX) and the whether a connected (a) wetting phase or (b) non-wetting phase was used to determine the initial fluid configuration. For additional details on the...

Supercritical CO2 - Brine Primary Drainages (40-60C, 8-12 MPa)

Xiongyu Chen, Shuang Gao, Amir Kianinejad & David A. DiCarlo
This project includes porosity images and steady-state water saturation images at 8 different positions (distance from inlet are 4, 12, 20, 28, 37, 44, 52 and 59 cm) along a 60-cm long Berea sandstone core (45 mD) during three primary drainage experiments conducted at 40C & 12 MPa, 40C & 8.3 MPa, and 60C & 12 MPa. The drainage experiment starts with injecting 1:1 volume ratio of CO2 and brine. After steady state is reached,...

Pore habit of clathrate hydrate

Xiongyu Chen
This project includes high resolution images of three hydrate growth experiments. Data are from an accepted paper by Xiongyu Chen and D. Nicolas Espinoza published in Fuel in 2018, titled "Ostwald Ripening Changes the Pore Habit and Spatial Variability of Clathrate Hydrate" Exp1: Xenon hydrate growth inside an aluminum vessel half filled with pure water and half filled with xenon gas. T= 23 C, P_initial = 2.84 MPa. The image stack is taken with X-ray...

Texturally Equilibrated Pore Networks

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh, Masa Prodanovic & Marc A. Hesse
This dataset contains final texturally equilibrated pore structures using level set method. For more info see related publications.

Guelph Dolomite characterization

Andres Gonzalez Hasan Khan
This project is part of a Guelph dolomite (GD) petrophysical characterization study. Multi-scale CT scans are conducted on a GD core (30 mm x 75 mm) at a resolution of 23 um. Medical CT (low resolution - 250 microns), permeability and NMR study are also done on the sample. Digital sub-sample is created and vug have been segmented. Vug characterization is attempted by using the surface to volume ratio to determine the vug shape and...

Fracture Patterns in Laminated Mancos Shale

Jeffery S. Luo, Mathew Ramos & D. Nicolas Espinoza
Mancos shale samples scanned pre and post-triaxial testing. Triaxial testing at various stress loading paths and confining pressures ranging from 100 to 500 psi. Three types of samples (Perpendicular Bedding- PD_ , Directional Bedding- 45_ , Parallel Bedding- PL_) Videos of fracture network visualization using Fiji/Image-J post-triaxial testing can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv0npDbE5HXvEdptgajRDG3x-lwmtGDbr X-ray power ranging from 16.9 to 30.3 W. Copper filters used with thicknesses varying from 0 to 0.25 mm. Exact voltage and...

Hydrate-Bearing Sand

Xiongyu Chen
This project includes high resolution micro-CT images of one xenon hydrate growth experiment in sand. Data are from a paper by Xiongyu Chen, Rahul Verma, D. Nicolas Espinoza and Masa Prodanovic, published in Water Resources Research in 2018, titled "Pore-Scale Determination of Gas Relative Permeability in Hydrate-Bearing Sediments Using X-Ray Computed Micro-Tomography and Lattice Boltzmann Method" Conditions for xenon hydrate growth in sand: T=23C, P_initial =3.72 MPa. Aqueous phase is 10wt% NaBr brine. The image...

Guelph dolomite

Gary Pope Hasan Khan
Medical CT scans of Guelph dolomite for fracture characterization. The core was imaged in Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, UT Austin.

Niobrara formation fracture

Masa Prodanovic, Christopher Landry, Adenike Tokan-Lawal & Peter Eichhubl
Microtomography image of a fracture from Niobrara formation, CO, USA (tight carbonate).

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