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Saturated solute transport micro-CT dataset in Savonnières limestone

Stefanie Van Offenwert, Tom Bultreys, Marijn Boone & Veerle Cnudde

Nitrogen and brine injected into Estaillades carbonate - steady-state experiments

Catherine Spurin, Samuel Krevor, Martin Blunt & Tom Bultreys
This data is micro-CT images of the simultaneous injection of nitrogen and brine into a porous carbonate rock (Estaillades). The images were acquired during steady-state, which was deduced from a plateau in the differential pressure across the sample. The experiments were conducted in the capillary dominated regime (the total flow rate was kept constant, with the fractional flow (fw) changed in sequence 0.85fw, 0.7fw, 0.5fw, 0.25fw, 0.03fw, 0fw). There is the high Ca experiment where...

Sheared coal sample

D. Nicolas Espinoza
Sheared coal core: X-ray (100kV and 250µA), detector (7fps (frame per second) and average of 10 = exposure time per radiography of #1.4s), number of radiographies 1440 over 360°. Image: 1840x1840x1127 voxels, 16bit with a resolution (both voxel size and spot size) of 25µm. Reconstruction method: FBP (Filtered Back Projection) --> Feldkamp method (cone beam geometry) with Tukey filter. Device: Ultratom RXSolutions Operator: Nicolas Lenoir Facility Location: Laboratoire Navier

Naturally fractured coal sample

D. Nicolas Espinoza
Intact coal cores: X-ray (100kV and 250µA) with a 0.1mm filter of Cu to reduce beam hardening effect, detector (5fps (frame per second) and average of 10 = exposure time per radiography of #2s), number of radiographies 1440 over 360°. Image: 1634x1634x4115 voxels, 16bit with a resolution (both voxel size and spot size) of 25µm. Device: Ultratom RXSolutions Operator: Nicolas Lenoir Facility Location: Laboratoire Navier

Synthetic Rock Salt

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh, Marc A. Hesse, Masa Prodanovic & James E. Gardner
Deep geological storage sites for nuclear waste are commonly located in rock salt to ensure hydrological isolation from groundwater. The low permeability of static rock salt is due to a percolation threshold. However, deformation may be able to overcome this threshold and allow fluid flow. We confirm the percolation threshold in static experiments on synthetic salt samples with x-ray microtomography. We then analyze wells penetrating salt deposits in the Gulf of Mexico. The observed hydrocarbon...

Low Reynolds number velocity simulations in sandstones

Rodolfo Victor & Masa Prodanovic
Data sets for Bentheimer and Buff Berea sandstones, used for testing velocity field simulator. Tomographic images and segmented data are available, with a selection of corresponding pressure and velocity fields. See Publications tab for details on segmentation method and velocity simulation algorithm. These samples were imaged and made available by Petrobras, who are gratefully acknowledged.

Wilcox Tight Gas Sandstone

Ayaz Mehmani, Masa Prodanovic & Kitty L. Milliken
A process-based multiscale network modeling approach is introduced to predict the drainage capillary pressure and relative permeability-wetting phase saturation curves at early cementation, final cementation and feldspar dissolution of the Wilcox tight gas sandstone. Predictions based on a two-scale analysis of an X-ray tomographic image are conducted as well but computational limitations make conclusions uncertain in this paper. We emphasize process-based modeling informed from thin sections as a cheap method of making a priori predictions...

Fluid Configurations in a Random Sphere Packing

James McClure
Two-fluid phase configurations in a periodic random close packing of spheres with porosity 0.369. This data set contains equilibrium fluid configurations obtained using the lattice Boltzmann method based on randomly initialized distribution of phases for a variety of fluid saturations. Data sets are labeled with the initial fluid saturation (sw_XX) and the whether a connected (a) wetting phase or (b) non-wetting phase was used to determine the initial fluid configuration. For additional details on the...

Pore habit of clathrate hydrate

This project includes high resolution images of three hydrate growth experiments. Data are from an accepted paper by Xiongyu Chen and D. Nicolas Espinoza published in Fuel in 2018, titled "Ostwald Ripening Changes the Pore Habit and Spatial Variability of Clathrate Hydrate" Exp1: Xenon hydrate growth inside an aluminum vessel half filled with pure water and half filled with xenon gas. T= 23 C, P_initial = 2.84 MPa. The image stack is taken with X-ray...

Estaillades Carbonate #2

Tom Bultreys, Luc Van Hoorebeke & Veerle Cnudde
Estaillades carbonate is a mono-mineralic, calcitic rock, which contains two types of pores: intergranular macropores and intra-granular micropores. An Estaillades sample with a diameter of 7mm was scanned with UGCT’s HECTOR micro-CT scanner (developed in collaboration with XRE, www.xre.be). In this micro-CT scan, (most of) the intergranular macropores are resolved, while the micropores are not. A three-phase segmentation consisting of pore voxels, voxels with unresolved porosity, and solid voxels is provided. This image was used...

Pore-scale imaging of multiphase flow at steady state for a Bentheimer sandstone

, Branko Bijeljic, Ronny Pni, Martin Blunt & Samuel Krevor
Images of imbibiiton process for a Bentheimer sandstone at different fraction flows

Triaxial Direct-Shear In Situ Microtomography

Luke Frash, & Tim Ickes
We perform x-ray radiography and microtomography on rock specimens that are fractured at elevated confining stress conditions up to 30 MPa. We also concurrently measure stress and hydraulic conductivity. Metadata for this study is described in companion publications. LA-UR-18-27419. To read these *.npy files using python 2.7: " import numpy as np import pylab stack = np.load('BA01-05_3D_CT_python_array.npy') view = pylab.imshow(stack[300,:,:], cmap='gray') pylab.show() "

Fracture in granite

Richard Ketcham, Matthew Colbert, Jia-Qing Zhou & Bayani Cardenas
High-resolution X-ray CT scans and processing of fracture in granite for modeling 3D fracture flow. Primary fracture mapped using IPSF method.

Vaca Muerta FIB-SEM

Matthew Andrew
FIB-SEM data (voxel size 2.5nm x 2.5nm x 5nm) of the Vaca Muerta formation, Argentina.

Mimicking Geological Fabrics for Multiphase Flow Experiments

Prasanna Ganesan Krishnamurthy, David DiCarlo & Timothy Meckel
2D bead-packs (0.6 m x 0.6 m x 0.02 m) were generated with realistic geological features (cross-stratification and ripple lamination). To demonstrate an application of the technique, gravity unstable multiphase flow experiments were conducted in the generated bead-packs. This project contains time-lapse videos of these flow experiments.

Dataset of 3D fluid phase distribution from drainage simulations (in micromodel and real rock geometry) examining inertial effects

Yu Chen, Qinjun Kang, Albert Valocchi & Hari Viswanathan
The dataset contains fluid phase distribution obtained from high-resolution drainage simulations in both a heterogenous micromodel and Bentheimer sandstone. The purpose is to investigate the influence of inertial effects on scCO2-brine displacement in complex geometries, where scCO2 is much less viscous than brine or oil meaning that the inertial effects may not be negligible. The direct numerical simulations in this work employ the continuum-surface-force based color-gradient multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model combined with a geometrical wetting...

Offshore miocene sandstone (Folk McBride Collection)

Masa Prodanovic, Kitty Milliken & Ayaz Mehmani
Offshore miocene sandstone (Folk McBride Collection) Example thin section from an offshore Texas miocene sandstone. Quart-rich medium sand. Well number SMI 236 A4. To view the scanned thin-sections use VPViewer developed by Innova Plex, Inc. Please contact blee@innovaplex.com to obtain a license. The resolution for all samples and all magnifications is 1 micrometer per pixel. The file naming follows the template OffshoreMiocene_20.jpx_0.05x_1817_3486_ppl.jpg with: OffshoreMiocene_20 = Base name of the file 0.05x = magnification 1817, 3486...

Experimental 3D Velocity Field in Random Sphere Packing

Mathieu Souzy, Henri Lhuissier, Yves Méheust, Tanguy Le Borgne & Bloen Metzger

Three-phase drainage-imbibition cycle

Dorthe Wildenschild

Fractures with variable roughness and wettability

, , , &

Belgian Fieldstone

Tom Bultreys & Wesley De Boever

Methane Hydrate Formation micro-CT images

Xiongyu Chen , D Nicolas Espinoza, Jeffrey Luo, Nicola Tisato & Peter Flemings
This project include X-ray micro-CT images of methane hydrate formation in sandy sediments in two experiments: (1) NaBr experiment at 0 day (out of hydrate stability zone) and after 19 days of hydrate formation. Hydrate formation was induced by cooling at high pressure. Brine: 1.5 wt% NaBr brine. resolution: 12.50 um. (2) KI experiment #1 at 0 day (out of hydrate stability zone) and after 13 days of hydrate formation. Hydrate formation was induced by...

Bentheimer Sandstone for Analyzing Wetting Phenomena

Chenhao Sun, James McClure, Peyman Mostaghimi, Anna Herring, Steffen Berg & Ryan Armstrong
The micro-CT image data of Bentheimer sandstone used in characterizing its wettability. The primary drainage and imbibition experiments were performed by using air and brine. The images were acquired at irreducible air saturation Sw=94%. This dataset is used to characterize wetting in complex subsurface multiphase systems by using principles of topology and integral geometry.

Unpaired super-resolution on micro-CT sandstone by using cycle-consistent generative adversarial network

Yufu Niu, Ryan Armstrong & Peyman Mostaghimi
High-resolution X-ray micro-computed tomography (CT) data is required for accurate determination of rock petrophysical properties. High-resolution data, however, results in small field-of-view, thus the representativeness of simulation domain can be brought into question for geophysical applications. This project aims to develop new techniques for super resolution in digital rock.

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