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Wilcox Tight Gas Sandstone

Ayaz Mehmani, Masa Prodanovic & Kitty L. Milliken
A process-based multiscale network modeling approach is introduced to predict the drainage capillary pressure and relative permeability-wetting phase saturation curves at early cementation, final cementation and feldspar dissolution of the Wilcox tight gas sandstone. Predictions based on a two-scale analysis of an X-ray tomographic image are conducted as well but computational limitations make conclusions uncertain in this paper. We emphasize process-based modeling informed from thin sections as a cheap method of making a priori predictions...

Pore-scale images of trapped immiscible fluid structures in oil-wet and water-wet bead packs

Christopher Landry
The objective of this study was to obtain quantitative evidence of pore-scale immiscible fluid distribution in oil-wet and water-wet porous media using X-ray computed microtomography. Raw CMT image data sets for multiple flooding experiments using kerosene and brine are included for an oil-wet polyethylene bead pack, and a single imbibition/drainage cycle for a water-wet glass bead pack.

Unconsolidated muds from the Nankai Trough

Kitty L. Milliken, Masa Prodanovic, Michael Nole & Hugh Daigle
SEM images of pores in unconsolidated muds of Pleistocene to Miocene age drilled at Site C0002 by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) Expeditions 315 and 338. Samples in this project were prepared by Ar-ion milling then Ir-coated, and imaged on an FEI NovaNano SEM 430. This image set is used in the Nole et al. (2016) paper referenced in Publications tab. The table (.xlsx, .pdf format) attached to 2B 10R 3 origin data gives...

CO2-brine drainage in Berea (20 C, 10.3 MPa)

Xiongyu Chen & David A. DiCarlo
This project contains the steady-state water saturation images for five CO2-brine primary drainage experiments conducted in Berea sandstone at 20 C and 10.3 MPa

Finney packing of spheres

John L. Finney
A packing of equal spheres. The original data was experimentally measured in 1970, and this is one of the first sphere packings used as a representative porous medium (soil, and with some cementation modeling sandstone). We include original sphere locations (not image data, but with some effort can be used to produce a volumetric image at any resolution you would like), as well as a small selection of example discretization that have been used in...

Particulate Straining in Simple Porous Media

Hasan Khan, Masa Prodanovic & David A. DiCarlo
A number of glass bead packs have been sintered to slightly consolidate them and create artificial rock samples with high porosity (~42%) and uniform grain size (~1 mm). One of the samples was imaged with x-ray microtomography, and the others were flooded with different suspensions. Core flooding has been done for different flow rates, concentrations and bimodal particle sizes and each sample and CT images were taken before and after each suspension flood.

Meteorite NWA 2993: A primitive achondrite

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh & Masa Prodanovic
The microstructure of meteorite NWA 2993 which is a coarse-grained Lodran-like achondrite. This meteorite is a plutonic sample from the Winonaite parent body that has undergone partial melting and is comprised of orthopyroxene (37 vol.%), olivine (32 vol.%) and metal (31 vol.%).

Fontainebleau 3D models

Carl Fredrik Berg
This is a set of 3D models resembling Fontainebleau sandstones. They were created using the commercially available software e-Core. We used identical grain sedimentation, compaction and diagenetic process parameters for seven model reconstructions. Porosity levels between 8% to 26% were obtained by only varying the amount of quartz cementation.

Induced rough fracture in Berea sandstone core

Zuleima Karpyn, Christopher Landry & Masa Prodanovic
X-ray microtomography was used to map the internal structure of a rough fracture. The artificially created fracture was oriented parallel to the natural bedding of the rock.

Austin Chalk

Zoya Heidari & Artur Posenato Garcia

Low Reynolds number velocity simulations in sandstones

Rodolfo Victor & Masa Prodanovic
Data sets for Bentheimer and Buff Berea sandstones, used for testing velocity field simulator. Tomographic images and segmented data are available, with a selection of corresponding pressure and velocity fields. See Publications tab for details on segmentation method and velocity simulation algorithm. These samples were imaged and made available by Petrobras, who are gratefully acknowledged.

Fracture in tuff

Richard Ketcham
CT scans and processing of fractured welded tuff used for testing and demonstrating IPSF method for accurately measuring fracture position and aperture in heterogeneous natural materials (Ketcham et al., 2010). Portions of output used for modeling flow in rough fractures (Cardenas et al., 2007, 2009).

Statistically Generated Medium

Peyman Mohammadmoradi
Statistical concepts were applied to reconstruct a 3D medium using 2D thin section images.

Uniform quartz - Silver nanoparticle injection experiment

Ian Molnar
The dataset contains a series of SXCMT images of a sandy quartz media column during silver nanoparticle injection and elution from this media. The column was imaged 8 times during the silver nanoparticle transport experiment, and 4 images were captured at each time-step (at 4 different energies). Each set of 4 images were compiled to create 1 dataset of pore-scale silver nanoparticle concentration distribution for each time-step.

Fractional-wet medium (OpenFOAM File)

Peyman Mohammadmoradi
2D fractional-wet medium including oil-wet and water-wet portions. The medium is meshed using COMSOL. The mesh file is converted to the OpenFOAM format using an in-house package. The attached file contains "constant" and "system" folders and the case can be easily customized for CFD-based studies using OpenFOAM.

Fluid Configurations in a Random Sphere Packing

James McClure
Two-fluid phase configurations in a periodic random close packing of spheres with porosity 0.369. This data set contains equilibrium fluid configurations obtained using the lattice Boltzmann method based on randomly initialized distribution of phases for a variety of fluid saturations. Data sets are labeled with the initial fluid saturation (sw_XX) and the whether a connected (a) wetting phase or (b) non-wetting phase was used to determine the initial fluid configuration. For additional details on the...

Texturally Equilibrated Pore Networks

Soheil Ghanbarzadeh, Masa Prodanovic & Marc A. Hesse
This dataset contains final texturally equilibrated pore structures using level set method. For more info see related publications.

Niobrara formation fracture

Masa Prodanovic, Christopher Landry, Adenike Tokan-Lawal & Peter Eichhubl
Microtomography image of a fracture from Niobrara formation, CO, USA (tight carbonate).

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