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Applications of partial depth precast concrete deck panels on horizontally curved bridges

Colter Eastman Roskos &
Horizontally curved bridges are commonly used for direct connectors at highway intersections as well as other applications. The majority of curved bridges utilize continuous steel curved I-girder or tub girder systems. One of the most critical construction stages from a stability perspective is placement of the wet concrete deck at which point the girders must support the full construction load of the system until the deck stiffens and acts compositely with the girders. Bridges with...

Stream and Spring Water Evolution in a Rapidly Urbanizing Watershed, Austin, TX

Lakin Beal, Jay Banner, Jeffrey Senison, MaryLynn Musgrove, Lindsey Yasbek, Nathan Bendick, Christopher Herrington & Christopher Reyes
Quantifying urban development impacts on fresh water quality and quantity is critical, especially as growing populations concentrate in urban centers and with climate change projections of increased hydrologic extremes. We investigate geochemical processes through which municipal supply and waste water, carbonate bedrock, and soils impact stream and spring water compositions within the Bull Creek watershed (Austin, Texas). This watershed exhibits a sharp geographic divide between urban and rural land. Urban and rural waters were assessed...

An Analysis of Myths Surrounding Women’s Running

Jane Buell
This thesis explores inequality for women in the sport of running. The inequality originated in myths and faulty medical beliefs. Research, cultural change, and sporting events have eroded this inequality as women have made headway in the sport, however, some disparity remains. The historical myths held that women were physically and mentally inferior to men and should, consequently, avoid the intense exercise or competition that constituted the male sphere. Women’s inequality in running was due,...


Sahib J. Chandnani
This is an anthology of poems written from 2016 to 2020 mapping my journey through college. These poems are either murals or manifestations of things that exceeded their stay in my head. The words are poets, artists, teachers, friends, and family possessing my hand and speaking in my voice. My poetry is how I process the world. Some people talk their thoughts out loud and others beat punching bags to satisfy a primal urge for...

Nature and source of mineralizing fluids at the Presidio mine, Shafter district, Presidio County, Texas

Fabienne Michèle Rambaud
The object of this research is to determine the nature and source of the mineralizing fluids that formed the Presidio Zn-Pb-Ag deposit, and to determine the relationship of the Presidio deposit to the rest of the Shafter district, including the Red Hills porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, exposed about 7 km to the west. The Presidio deposit is located in the Trans-Pecos mid-Tertiary volcanic field, near the Chinati Mountain caldera margin. Deformation of the Permian and Cretaceous...

Variational methods with dependence structure

Mingzhang Yin &
It is a common practice among humans to deduce, to explain and to make predictions based on concepts that are not directly observable. In Bayesian statistics, the underlying propositions of the unobserved latent variables are summarized in the posterior distribution. With the increasing complexity of real-world data and statistical models, fast and accurate inference for the posterior becomes essential. Variational methods, by casting the posterior inference problem in the optimization framework, are widely used for...

Letter from William B. Dinsmoor to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., February 14, 1950

William B. Dinsmoor
Dinsmoor writes Bennett about an offer from the IBM Research Laboratory at Columbia University to use their facilities for solving an unknown language, such as Minoan-Mycenaean, and requests his general reaction. He also mentions Alice Kober's thoughts on the project and mentions her declining health.

Letter from Emmett L. Bennett Jr. to Mabel Lang,February 5, 1960

Emmett L. Bennett
Bennett suggests that fragment 731 be tried with 39/547.2, indicating that they could be joined together based on the wickerwork marks on their backs. He then asks if specific inscriptions are sealings and if he can get to work on them.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., May 15, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang admits that she's gotten more acknowledgments since a publication, namely from John Chadwick, and that she plans to review MT II from the American Journal of Archaeology soon.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., September 22, 1959

Mabel Lang
Lang reports retaking photographs of some tablets and encloses prints and a negative of tablet 1010 for Bennett.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., January 15, 1960

Mabel Lang
Lang discusses features of Ua 17 and Cn 45 and replies to Bennett's questions from earlier correspondence.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., August 28, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang reports new fragment junctures, an Eb tablet piece with a variant of the sign i, and the discovery of stirrup jars with the wine ideogram inscribed on them.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., December 15, 1961

Mabel Lang
Lang writes about a picture from November 17th that she uncovered and suggests ordering an extra fifty offprints of something.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., August 5, 1961

Mabel Lang
Lang notifies Bennett of her return from Greece and that she has finally started work on a paper.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., October 11, 1962

Mabel Lang
Lang confirms that she has Pendlebury's guide to the Stratigraphical Museum and asks if what she has written on Ma 216 needs any correction.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., September 11, 1962

Mabel Lang
Lang answers a question about 1314 and offers queries about Cn 655 and Cn 719 fragment readings.

Letter from Getzel M. Cohen to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., April 23, 1986

Getzel M. Cohen
Cohen notifies Bennett that the BBC TV series "In Search of the Trojan War" will soon air on PBS, which utilizes materials from the University of Cincinnati's excavations at Troy and Pylos in its production. He also thanks Bennett for supporting the Carl W. Blegen Professorship in Greek Archaeology.

Letter from Mabel Lang to , October 13, 1965

An elementary school student thanks Lang for the presentation she showed his group. He mentions an experiment involving graham-crackers and string and asks whether an experiment she described came out.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., February 6, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang writes how gall from a certain species of gall fly was eaten as a fruit on Crete.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., March 29, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang briefly writes about her vacation and tells Bennett that a photo of Fr. 1260 is life-sized.

Letter from John L. Heller to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., May 11, 1960

John L. Heller
Heller writes about a humanoid sketch found at Malia and Lang's photos of a Labyrinth on the Acropolis tile.

Letter from George Huxley to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., January 24, 1958

George Huxley
Huxley verifies the receipt of the work "Tentative Texts of Tablets found at Pylos 1955" on behalf of the British School at Athens and thanks Bennett for the gift.

Letter from Petar Ilievski to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., January 8, 1958

Petar Ilievski
Ilievski acknowledges the receipt of the tentative texts of Pylos 1955 and says he is writing the editor in chief of "živa Amtika" to send an article to Bennett. He then asks Bennett to send a copy of the "Illyomae Tablets" to Prof. Petroševski as a contribution to the Skjope Classics Department.

Physical inactivity does not impair the insulin-lowering effects of moderate-intensity exercise, yet it does impair fat metabolism

Michael Dial &
Acute exercise and physical activity improve insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, and postprandial lipemia, although recent research suggests that physical inactivity may attenuate some of these healthy metabolic benefits of exercise. This study aimed to determine how two days of physical inactivity and physical activity affected exercise-induced changes in plasma insulin, glucose, and triglyceride concentrations during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) performed the next morning. Five untrained men (n=2) and women (n=3) completed three five-day...

An actor prepares (to audition)

Michael Andrew Killianey
This thesis outlines the development of a script for a short performance piece entitled "An Actor Prepares (to Audition)." The piece is approximately twenty minutes long and features the author, a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin. This thesis describes the process the author used to select and prepare a body of audition material and contains a...

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