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Hydrological assessment and biogeochemical advancement of the Noah-MP land surface model

Xitian Cai

The Role of the Religious Sector in the Economy of Late Bronze Age Mycenaean Greece

Susan Lupack

Dynamic Models of Credit Spreads and Optimal Capital Structure

Sergey Tsyplakov

Mixing dynamics of groundwater-seawater systems at the land-ocean interface

Peter Basilio Zamora

Effects of simulated inundation on wetland methane flux predictions for the southeastern U.S.

Alex Edward Resovsky

Doctoral thesis recital (violin)

Jihyun Kim

(Vol.15, 2012-12) Notes On Wissadula (Malvaceae), With the Description of Two New Species

Paul A. Fryxell

Another testing item to see if workflows work

James Shalal

Generating irregular data-stream accelerators : methodology and applications

Maysam Lavasani

Algorithms for next generation sequencing data analysis

Shreepriya Das

Legal and literary discourse on the jury in the Victorian period

Kathleen Adelaide Shapley

Penitential experience in Renaissance romance

Sara Rives Saylor

High-end demand : markets for legal services and pressure for judicial autonomy in urban China

Jonathan Josef Kinkel

Contagious agendas : the spread of issue attention in the policy process

Herschel Fred Thomas

Pursuing a child : an interactive qualitative analysis of the infertility treatment experience

Rosalinda Strano Burton

Optimization models and system dynamics simulations to improve military manpower systems

Patrick McNally Downes

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