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Strength in numbers : \"Strength & Health\" brand community from 1932-1964

Dominic Gray Morais

Strict vs. flexible accomplishment predicates

Tony Allen Wright

Linguistic poetic and rhetoric of Eastern Chatino of San Juan Quiahije

Hilaria Cruz

Complement and purpose clauses in K’iche’

Telma Angelina Can Pixabaj

Aspects of phonology and morphology of Teotepec eastern Chatino

Justin Daniel McIntosh

Numerical algorithms for inverse problems in acoustics and optics

Interpolating gamma factors in families

Gilbert Samuel Moss

Labeling and denoising geometrically parameterized data with applications to Cryo-EM

James Hansen Delfeld

Praxis, Volume 01, No. 2: Training on the Cutting Edge

Eliana Schonberg

Optimal control of wind turbines for distributed power generation

Mohamed Lotfi Eid Nasr Shaltout

Praxis, Volume 06, No. 02: Writing Across the Curriculum and Writing Centers

Brooke Hunter

Muscle function and coordination of amputee and non-amputee stair ascent

Nicole Guckert Harper

Praxis, Volume 07, No. 02: Professionalization and the Writing Center, Part II

Jane Hirschhorn

Modeling and simulation of thermal ablation in vascularized tissues

Jun Zhou

Doctoral thesis recital (piano)

Charles Magnone

Borderlands : an electroacoustic environment experience

Women’s psychology of disease avoidance

Diana Santos Fleischman

Soroush's theory of Islamic religious pluralism

Banafsheh Madaninejad

Terrorism, television, and torture : post-9/11 morality in popular culture

Julie Anne Beicken

Factors affecting underreporting of construction safety incidents on capital projects

Nadia Abdulrehman Al-Aubaidy

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