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Rooted and grounded : spiritual-revival churches in contemporary Panama

David Daniel Hutchinson

Market study and design of an induction heating product to warm weighlifting barbells

Jean Marie Doglio

Effects of a structured prototyping strategy on capstone design projects

Tanmay Pramod Gurjar

Visualization of auditory masking for firefighter alarm detection

Casey Megan Farmer

An experimental study of compression force effect on electrosurgical tissue welding

Xiaoran Li

Design and testing of sub-wavelength panels for underwater acoustic isolation

Ashley Jean Hicks

A tenacious Wave Glider

Lights in the Night for violin and orchestra

Minho Yoon

Diagnosis of induced hydraulic fractures during polymer injection

Yiwei Ma

A New Species Of Roldana (Asteraceae) From Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Luis Eduardo Velásquez Méndez

Rock climbing culture in Austin, TX

Corey James McZeal

A New Species of Mortoniodendron (Malvaceae sens. lat.) from Chiapas, Mexico

Tom Wendt

Sibling mediated communication intervention for children with neurodevelopmental disorders

Deanna Tamika Longino

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