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Mark Diggory

STS Research Agenda Task Force: Survey Results

Andrea Baruzzi, Nestor Osorio, Roxanne Bogucka, Laura Eiford, Melissa Gold, Karen Grigg, Nirmala Gunapala, Patricia Hartman, Jeanne Hoover, Catherine Lantz, Sara Gonzalez & Kelli Trei

The social identification of students labeled dyslexic and learning disabled across literacy instructional contexts

Katharine Lynette Chamberlain

Evolutionary history of Lost World frogs

Patricia Elena Salerno

Essays on the economics of education and human capital

Chester William Polson

Reading female learning in the mid-Victorian novel

Jessica Elise Shafer

Risk and protective factors in commercially sexually exploited females

Chelsea Lynn Brewer

Knowledge transfer using latent variable models

Ayan Acharya

Rhetoric and Renaissance pastoral : eloquence outside the city walls

Nyssa Sue Wilton

Investment skill of hedge funds : a holdings-based evaluation

Sergey Nikolaevich Maslennikov

Denizen politics : a comparative analysis of opposition to immigration in the European Union

Peter Cushner Mohanty

A global struggle : Namibian nationalism and South African imperialism at the United Nations, 1945-1960

Jason Matthew Morgan

River sands/urban spaces : Changsha in modern Chinese history

James Joshua Hudson

Religious vitality among the mainline

Jennifer Anne March

A meta-analysis of online trust : examining main and moderating effects

Yeolib Kim

In search of understanding : examining the life role management approach of fathers who are coaches

Jeffrey Alexander Graham

Praxis, Volume 06, No. 1: Technology in Today's Writing Center

Mary A. McCall

An investigation of asymmetries of rhythm in speech production

Lauren M. Terzenbach

The classification of rank 3 reflective hyperbolic lattices over Z[sqrt(2)]

Alice Harway Mark

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