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Ultra-short, ultra-intense laser irradiation of wavelength-scale wires

Kristina Marie Serratto

Targeting education to reduce obesity : at what life stages are interventions effective?

Rebecca Irene Josephine Benson

Sensuous participation : queer youth of color, affect, and social media

Alexander Cho

Halfway homeowners : geospatial and ethnographic analysis of eviction in mobile home parks

Mary-Esther Sullivan

Johnny, are you queer? : the sexual and gender politics of ambiguous sexual identity

Travis Dean Beaver

Cedar Bayou - by The Reserve

Picturing the teacher : arts-based research and reflection in student teachers

Amanda Elizabeth Barbee

From templa to tecta : illusionistic coffered ceilings and the construction of Roman domestic space

Kristopher Cody Castillo

The molecular chaperone Skp reduces client protein aggregation under in vivo-like conditions

Elizabeth H. Bogardus

Biological and physical characterization of aerosols generated in showers

Chloe Anna Wooldridge

Trip-Multiple Stops: Dallas, Washington, Lillian Richard, Webb, Mat Star

Donald S. Nelson

Effect of uniform load on the shear strength of slender beams without shear reinforcement

Nicholas Alan Dassow

OA Week 2015

Seismic retrofit of RC columns with FRP composites and anchorage system

Apostolos Psaros Andriopoulos

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