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Hamiltonian description of the ideal fluid

Phillip J. Morrison

Synthesis of the elements in stars: forty years of progress

D. L. Lambert

Fast-electron-relaxation measurement for laser-solid interaction at relativistic laser intensities

P. Beiersdorfer

Structural anomalies of fluids: Origins in second and higher coordination shells

Thomas M. Truskett

Equilibrium characteristics of semiflexible polymer solutions near probe particles

Victor Pryamitsyn

Molecular dynamics simulation of collision operator eigenvalues

L. E. Reichl

Harmonic moment dynamics in Laplacian growth

Harry L. Swinney

Turbulence and bias-induced flows in simple magnetized toroidal plasmas

A. Bhattacharjee

Fractal scattering dynamics of the three-dimensional HOCl molecule

Christof Jung

Vortex bubble formation in pair plasmas

B. N. Aleksic

Chaotic dynamics in a two-dimensional optical lattice

L. E. Reichl

Chaos and band structure in a three-dimensional optical lattice

L. E. Reichl

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