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Memo Regarding President Johnson Meeting with Ambassadors

Gordon Chase

Special Report on Romania within the USSR Bloc

Memo Addressing President Johnson Meeting with Ambassadors

Telegram Regarding United States-Romania Call

Telegram Regarding Romanian Indoctrination Campaign

Memo Regarding American Legation in Bucharest

Telegram Regarding United States-Romania Talks

Draft Communique Regarding Romanian Trade Talks

Telegram Regarding American Businessman in Romania

Telegram Regarding Romania-United States Negotiations

Telegram Regarding Romania Pursuing Its Own Course

Telegram Regarding Italian Inquiry on Eastern Europe

Telegram Regarding the Future of Romanian Public Policy

Telegram Regarding Meeting Between American Ambassador and Dej

Telegram Regarding United States Talks with Romania

Memo Regarding Completion United States-Romanian Exchange Negotiations

Letter to President Johnson Regarding Exports to Romania

T. Connor. John

Memo Regarding Export Sales of Petroleum Equipment and Technology to Romania

G. Griffith Johnson

Note for McGeorge Bundy

Memo for Francis M. Bator

Walter Sauer

Memo Regarding Romania in the Post-Khrushchev World

Memo Regarding Evaluation of Romania's Credit Worthiness

Memo Regarding Romanian Discussions

David Klein

Telegram Regarding Press on Vietnamese Delegation

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