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Chinese Expansionism: The American and Indian Foreign Policy Perspectives

Shalaka Joshi

\"A Document in Madness\": Madness in the Early Modern Period and its Representation in Drama

Renae Danielle Jackson

A Desire to Connect: A Look at the Chinese Independent Music Industry

Jacob Hiebert

Moot: An Exploration of Digital Design and Culture Through Mobile Application Development

Erin Bleiweiss

The Creation and Evolution of Venezuela's Partyarchy

Jonathan Blum

Relating Science and Religion

Sean Braswell

A Definition of Personhood, and the Ethical Consequences in Certain Medical Issues

Louis Brezina

The Magnolia Soil Company: A Business Plan

Daniel Burke

Continuing Conflict: Literary Accounts of the Vietnam War

Alex Carrell

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Test Testing

Revitalizing Communities: An Evaluation of Operation Weed and Seed in Austin, Texas

Mariela Olivares

Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Trigonometry

Jamie Nicholson

God in a House of Mirrors: The Many Facs of Protestant Christianity at a Secular University

Kevin Miller

Informational Privacy on the Net: The Struggle Between Consumer, Industry, & Government

Brett Gordon

Making a Home in Texas Colonias

Sara Galvan

Homeownership, Housing Quality, and Satsifaction Among Mexican Immigrant Homeowners in Austin, TX

Tara Buentello

The Chicano Dropout Rate in Texas: Correlates, Effectsm and Possible Solutions

Jessica Ochoa

Willie Nelson and the Austin Music Scene, 1972 to 1976

William Furgeson

Thhe Heredity of Intelligence in Humans

Joe Flack

Gender Stereotypes in Preschoolers

Dana Pitts

Military Government and the Military Mind: Case Study of Bolivia

Sergio Moreno

Acts of Devotion: Hindu Temples and Communities in Texas

Deepali Sharda

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