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Robed in Magic: Costume Design for a Modern Russian Fairy Tale

Meghan Grossman

Brand America: Mass Media and Public Diplomacy in the Middle East

Andrea Choquette

The Education of Dania Ansari

Aatiya Munshi

Women's Sports on the Forty Acres: An Exploration of Title IX at the University of Texas

Christine Noteware

\"A Merry Cancer Brought\" An Animated Thesis Film

Aaron Raff

The Distortion of Beauty Standards by Unrealistic Media Images

George Nguyen

Stability and Progress: The Meiji System of Modernizing Japan

Gregory Stein

Baruch of Amsterdam: The Production of a Yiddish Play in English Translation

Daniel Hartman

A Missed OpportunityL Rodriguez v. San Antonio ISD and the Subversion of Brown v. Board

Zachary Smith

Sunburn and Autumn: A Collection of Poetry

Keaton Shuttlesworth

The Difficulty in Collecting Evidence for Rapidly Evolving Surgical and Interventional Procedures

Ladan Agharokh

An Inquiry into the Legal Standards for the Treatment of Detainees in Israel

Megan Wren

The Nashville Agrarians and the Southern Renascence

Peter Livingston Bouck

Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Benevolent Medical Treatment or Legalized Murder?

Robert Winsett

The Status of Women and Reproductive Care in Urban Indian Slums

Shilpa Agraharkar

HIV Resistance: Natural and Artificial

Armand Morel

Concepts of the Mind in Ancient Indian Medicine

Shivani Desai

Remember Paoli: The Personal, Political, and Social Consequences of the Corsican Revolution

Andrew Vickers

The Quest for Growth in the European Union: An Analysis of EU-10 economic growth from 1998-2006

Stephen Gilstrap

The No Child Left Behind Act: Past, Present, and Future

Laura Palm

Planning Considerations for Summer Residential Camps

Ben Andes

Indigenous Politics in Neoliberal Multicultural Bolivia

Stephanie Pitts

Popular Culture and Resistance in Quartier Mozart and Madame Brouette

Brian Poindexter

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