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Performance analysis of mobile users in Poisson wireless networks

Pranav Madadi
Stochastic geometry is a widely accepted mathematical tool used to analyze cellular networks, where the location of base stations are modeled by spatial point processes. It is used to derive closed-form or semi-closed-form expressions for the SINR or for the functions of the SINR which determine various network performance metrics such as coverage probability, "edge" capacity, 90% quantile rate, spectral efficiency, and connectivity without resorting to complicated simulation methods. Predominantly, it is used in deriving...

Selector-less resistive random access memory (RRAM) with intrinsic nonlinearity for crossbar array applications

Ying-Chen Chen
With increasing demand for high-density memory applications, alternative memory technology has been intensively investigated for replacing conventional charge-based flash memory. Among the emerging memory technology, resistive random-access memory (RRAM) device holds great potential as an emerging candidate because of its simple design, high-speed operation, excellent scalability and low power consumption. However, the sneak path current (I [subscript sneak]) through unselected neighboring cells is a major problem in crossbar RRAM array configuration, which significantly affects the...

How Much Household Instability Do Children Experience While Growing Up?

R. Kelly Raley, Inbar Weiss, Robert Reynolds & Shannon E. Cavanagh
While most studies of children’s family changes and instability have focused on changes in mothers’ marital and cohabiting relationships, other adults and children entering or leaving households also contribute to changes in who children live with. PRC faculty research associates Kelly Raley and Shannon Cavanagh, PRC staff member Robert Reynolds, and PRC graduate student trainee Inbar Weiss use data from the 2008 Survey of Income and Program Participation to expand the description of children’s household...

Does the Death of a Child Prior to Midlife Increase Later Dementia Risk for Parents? Is this Disadvantage Greater for Black Parents than for White Parents?

Debra Umberson, Rachel Donnelly, Minle Xu, Mateo Farina & Michael A. Garcia
Dementia is a growing public health concern in the United States. Like other health outcomes in the U.S., the burdens of dementia are borne more heavily by black Americans than they are for white Americans. A number of biological, psychological, social, and behavioral mechanisms are associated with increased risk for dementia, but specific life course events that could trigger these mechanisms, such as the death of a child, have been largely unstudied. In this brief,...

Transition metal dichalcogenides heterostructure-based electronic and optoelectronic devices

Omar Badr Mohammed &
Advances in the techniques used to combine various two-dimensional (2D) materials into a single heterostructure with almost defect-free interfaces, along with the unique properties of these 2D materials, make these heterostructures appealing, both as a platform to investigate basic physics and for the potential applications they offer. In the first part of this work, we investigate the electrical properties of the rhenium disulfide (ReS₂) 2D material, which is a member of the transition metal dichacogenides...

Fine-grained visual comparisons

Aron Yingbo Yu
Beyond recognizing objects, a computer vision system ought to be able to compare them. A promising way to represent visual comparisons is through attributes, which are mid-level properties that appear across category boundaries. The ability to compare attributes opens up new opportunities in areas such as online shopping, object recognition, and human biometrics, where a relative decision is often more informative than its binary counterpart. For example, given two human faces, a decision that one...

Mask synthesis techniques for directed self-assembly

Joydeep Mitra
Semiconductor patterning technologies based on the current generation of 193 nm immersion lithography can no longer sustain advanced process nodes beyond 10 nm. Hence, the adoption of next generation patterning techniques such as Extreme Ultra Violet Lithography (EUVL) and Directed Self Assembly (DSA) has become a necessity. Though there have been great strides in materials development for DSA with high χ materials enabling up to 5 nm pitches, DSA still lacks the Electronic Design Automation...

Doctoral thesis recital (drums)

Fabio Augustinis
Go get it ; The sun in Montreal / Pat Metheny -- Why don't I / Sonny Rollins -- Everybody's party ; Hammock soliloquy / John Scofield -- Think before you think / Bill Stewart

Louisiana Abortion Patients’ Current Challenges Accessing Care

Erin Carroll & Kari White
In March 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear June Medical Services, LLC v. Gee, the case that will decide whether Louisiana abortion providers need hospital admitting privileges. In a recent study of Louisiana abortion patients, PRC faculty research associate Kari White and colleague Erin Carroll compared patients’ expectations and preferences for care with their actual experiences accessing abortion services. From June 2018 – January 2019, the research team conducted 35 in-depth interviews with patients...

Doctoral thesis recital (trombone)

Compositions by Bourgois, Brahms, Debussy, and Gabaye

Circuits and architectures for broadband radio receivers and spectrum channelizers

Vineet Kumar Singh &
A broadband spectrum channelizer divides the spectrum of an input signal into sub-bands prior to baseband processing. Efficient spectrum channelizer architectures can serve as enablers for new systems and applications for communications, signal analysis and detection. Channelizers can be used to implement broadband receivers for mobile applications, that are capable of receiving signals corresponding to multiple standards, and general-purpose hybrid frequency-and-time domain analog to digital converters (ADCs). These designs can help to relax baseband design...

The role of the cerebellum in executive functioning : a study of pediatric cancers and brain tumors

Ashlee Beth Mitchell Von Buttlar
Research is increasingly clear that the cerebellum serves as a major processing center in the brain for many complex functional pathways. This has led to an increasing need to understand the impact of cerebellar damage on neurocognitive functioning, including through the study of patients with posterior fossa tumors. Treatments for these tumors such as chemotherapy and cranial radiation are known to produce long-term deficits in a variety of neurocognitive domains, including executive functioning. Although it...

Doctoral thesis recital (horn), chamber

Trio for oboe, horn, and piano, op. 188, in A minor / Reinecke -- [Unnamed composition for 2 horns and piano ] / Naigus -- Quintet no. 2 for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon / David Maslanka

Natural history, behavior, and bacterial microbiomes of a socially polymorphic spider, Anelosimus studiosus

Emma Irene Dietrich
Anelosimus studiosus is a unique spider; throughout its range from Argentina to New England, most adult females are solitary and subsocial (provide maternal care). However, in the northernmost parts of its range in the United States, adult females sometimes live in cooperative aggregations. While this social polymorphism has been well defined in specific regions of A. studiosus’ range, it is not so thoroughly described elsewhere. Therefore, I first describe the aggregative behavior, natural history, and...

Doctoral thesis recital (harp)

Mallory McHenry
Parvis / Andres -- Harbord Street ; Tango 99 / Barnes -- Serenade no. 1 / Persichetti

A longitudinal, cross-sectional case study of students’ digital literacy learning and development at the middle school using a blended, technology-rich, project-based learning approach

Hsiao-Ping Hsu &
This study examined changes to middle school students’ digital literacy after engagement in a learning environment based on a blended, technology-rich, project-based instructional innovation (BTPII). Guided by the social constructivist epistemology and the European Union’s DigComp 2.0 framework, this study attempted to understand how students’ digital literacy changes and final performance in a BTPII learning environment differed, with respect to participants’ multiple engagement, levels of daily Internet access time, and daily Internet usage purposes. Thus,...

Learning to compose photos and videos from passive cameras

Bo Xiong
Photo and video overload is well-known to most computer users. With cameras on mobile devices, it is all too easy to snap images and videos spontaneously, yet it remains much less easy to organize or search through that content later. With increasingly portable wearable and 360° computing platforms, the overload problem is only intensifying. Wearable and 360° cameras passively record everything they observe, unlike traditional cameras that require active human attention to capture images or...

Weak Order and Disorder of Quantum States Invariant Under Onsite Action by an Arbitrary Finite Group on a Spin Chain

Maxim Zelenko
In his paper “Constraints on order and disorder parameters in quantum spin chains,” Michael Levin derived general constraints on order and disorder parameters in Ising symmetric quantum spin chains. Levin’s main result in his paper was a theorem showing that in a circular spin chain, any local Hamiltonian that has a non-degenerate ground state and is translationally invariant and Ising symmetric must at least have either a nonzero order parameter or a nonzero disorder parameter....

Algorithms for stable matching with indifferences

Chi Kit Lam
In the stable matching problem, given a two-sided matching market where each agent has ordinal preferences over the agents on the other side, we would like to find a bipartite matching such that no pair of agents prefer each other to their partners. Indifferences in preferences of the agents arise naturally in large-scale centralized matching schemes. We consider stable matching models where indifferences may occur in the preferences and address some of the related algorithmic...

Optimization of natural organic matter removal by a hybrid ED-NF/RO membrane system

Soyoon Kum &
Natural Organic Matter (NOM) reacts with Cl₂ and other disinfectants to form potentially carcinogenic disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in drinking water. NOM can be effectively removed by nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO), but NOM fouling on the membrane is the major challenge for applying membrane processes to natural waters. Furthermore, the presence of divalent cations has been shown to increase fouling associated with NOM. Therefore, pretreatment for the removal of cations prior to NF or...

Creating and characterizing peptide functionalized surfaces for protein immobilization

Whitney April Fies &
The specificity, efficiency, and broad-spectrum functionality of proteins make them desirable materials for use in a wide range of applications, including biosensors, biofuel cells, or drug delivery technologies. Capitalizing on proteins for these purposes often requires immobilizing proteins to inorganic surfaces, such as to an electrode for a biosensor or a substrate for heterogeneous catalysis. Successful immobilization of proteins requires the preservation of protein conformation and function in an environment completely different than the cell....

Membrane fouling : mechanisms, modeling, and mitigation

Alon Yeshayahu Kirschner
Membrane systems are used for water treatment in many industries due to their small footprint, low chemical and energy use, and ease of operation. However, membrane fouling remains a challenge, especially for highly concentrated feeds. Fouling increases hydraulic resistance, lowers water permeance and increases energy consumption. Fouled membranes require expensive cleaning or replacement, increasing operating costs. This study focuses on understanding fouling mechanisms in constant flux crossflow operation, commonly used in industry, and on development...

Thin film growth and deposition of functional perovskite oxides

Bryce Isaiah Edmondson &
The research documented in this work focuses on the growth and deposition of thin film perovskite oxides for their electronic and photonic functionalities. The ever increasing demand for faster electronic devices, particularly in the realm of micro and nanoelectronics, is requiring diversification of the materials used in typical semiconductor-based integrated circuits. Metal oxides, particularly those in the perovskite family of materials, offers a wide range of functionalities that can both increase device performance and add...

Murals And Floor Paintings At 'Ain Ghazal

Denise Schmandt-Besserat
‘Ain Ghazal is a Neolithic site located near Amman, Jordan. It was excavated between 1982 and 1998 by an American-Jordanian team directed by Gary O. Rollefson, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wa. and Zeidan Kafafi, the University of Yarmouk at Irbid, Jordan. ‘Ain Ghazal was first settled about 7250 B.C., during the so-called Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) period. In a matter of a few centuries the village of stone houses had spread over 30 acres along...

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