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Laser-Based Meso/Micro Rapid Manufacturing System

Xiaochun Li, Hongseok Choi & Yong Yang
The meso/micro layered manufacturing technologies have significant implications for the design and fabrication of complex miniature structures. A laser-based additive/subtractive Rapid Manufacturing system is thus developed to build meso/micro structures. By incorporating laser microdeposition and micromachining with a pulsed Nd:YAG laser that has four harmonic wavelengths, this manufacturing system takes computer-aided design (CAD) output to reproduce meso/micro components in a wide selection of materials. To precisely deposit micro/nano powders and to control composition in-situ, an...

SIS-A New SFF Method Based on Powder Sintering

Behrokh Khoshnevis, Bahram Asiabanpour, Mehdi Mojdeh, Babar Koraishy, Kurt Palmer & Zongliang Deng
Selective Inhibition of Sintering is a layered fabrication process which is capable of rapidly producing accurate functional parts out of polymers and metals using a relatively inexpensive machine. This article presents a brief overview of the research and development aimed at establishing the feasibility and the potential of the process.

Characterization of 2219 Aluminum Produced by Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication

Karen M.B. Taminger & Robert A. Hafley
Researchers at NASA Langley Research Center are developing a new electron beam freeform fabrication (EB F3 ) technique to fabricate metal parts. This process introduces metal wire into a molten pool created by a focused electron beam. Potential aerospace applications for this technology include ground-based fabrication of airframe structures and on-orbit construction and repair of space components and structures. Processing windows for reliably producing high quality 2219 aluminum parts using the EB F3 technique are...

Visualization of Surface Accuracy for Virtual Prototyping

S.H. Choi & A.M.M. Chan
This paper introduces a virtual prototyping (VP) system that simulates a RP process to produce a virtual prototype of a product, which facilitates visual study of the surface quality of the physical prototype that the RP machine will subsequently fabricate. The virtual prototype displayed in a computerized virtual environment allows the designer to analyze the surface texture and accuracy of a product prototype conveniently. It may be super-imposed on its original design so that all...

The effect of dispersal behavior on stability in populations, communities, and ecosystems

Robert Andrew Deans &
Habitat choice, when organisms move among habitat patches in a directed fashion based on environmental cues, is an underappreciated force in Ecology. Theoretical work suggests that such choice behavior might be a potent source of stability in populations, communities, and ecosystems. I tested the effects of dispersal behavior on stability with a series of mesocosm experiments at each of these scales. In populations of snails with stochastic disturbance, I found that movement among patches was...

Hydraulics of side-channel weirs for regional detention basins

Side-channel weirs can be used for flood control to divert part of a channel's flow into detention basins, thereby reducing peak discharges and stages. After passage of the flood peak, the stored water can be released back to the channel. The Harris County (Texas) Flood Control District is planning the use of several side-channel weirs which will discharge into regional detention basins. The weirs are being designed to divert approximately 50% of peak flows of...

Selective Laser Sintering of SiC/Polyamide Matrix Composites

Toby Gill & Bernard Hon
This paper presents an experimental study into the production of particulate Silicon Carbide/Duraform Polyamide matrix composites via the selective laser sintering (SLS) process. FEPA standard SiC grits, F240 and F360, were each individually blended with the commercially available Duraform Polyamide, to produce blend compositions of 50 and 60 volume percent SiC for direct SLS processing. A full factorial experimental approach was applied to examine the effects and interactions of laser power, scan speed, scan spacing...

Morphology of Direct SLS-Processed Stainless Steel Layers

C. Martin Taylor, T.H.C. Childs & C. Hauser
This paper discusses work done to analyse the shape of stainless steel layers generated by direct selective laser sintering (SLS). Laser power, scan spacing and scanning speed have been varied, to investigate their effect on geometry. The relationship between scanning parameters and the qualities of sintered parts (dimensional uniformity, porosity and scanned track shape) is described. A PC-based finite element code, developed to simulate SLS, has been modified to match the conditions of experiments discussed...

Viage y naufragios del Macedonio de Juan Baptista de Loyola : a critical edition

Juan Bautista De Loyola &
The text of Juan Bautista de Loyola's Viage y naufragios del Macedonio has been reproduced from photostats of a well preserved copy of the novel in the Library of the Hispanic Society of America. Evident errors as well as occasional imperfections have been indicated in both the text and footnotes in the conventional manner. The sixteenth-century spelling has been retained intact, but the punctuation and capitalization have been modernized, the long sentences have been shortened,...

Parental psychopathology, parental anxiety, family functioning and childhood anxiety treatment outcome in an enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention with parent training component

Annette Lynn Cantu &
This study aimed to examine the association between parental and familial factors and child treatment outcome during a child-focused anxiety disorder treatment with parental training component. The sample included in this study consisted of 66 youth, ages 7-17, diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, or Separation Anxiety Disorder, along with at least one participating parent. Therapists were assigned to both parent and child in an enhanced CBT program based in the Texas Child Study...

Open Access Week 2019

OA Week is an international event designed to increase awareness of open access issues. For OA Week 2019, UT Libraries hosted an informational table to inform students and faculty about open access and open education. We share here an updated version of the informational poster we created using Piktochart.

Studies of intense laser driven cluster explosions

Matthias Hohenberger
Recent studies of the explosions of atomic clusters driven by high intensity femtosecond laser pulses have shown that at a sufficiently high intensity and fast laser rise time, the clusters can be stripped of all the electrons. The subsequent explosion is caused by the mutual Coulomb repulsion of the remaining ions. Assuming that the sudden inner cluster ionization approximation (SICI) is applicable, at the temporal onset of the Coulomb explosion all of the relevant electrons...

Human Trafficking in Texas: A Statewide Evaluation of Existing Laws and Social Services

Noel Bridget Busch-Armendariz, Laurie Cook Heffron, Karen Kalergis, Neely Mahapatra, Monica Faulkner, Leila Voyles & Sharlene Eaton

Methods Report ReVEAL: Recording Victim Video Statements as Evidence to Advance Legal Outcomes in Family Violence Cases: Determining Efficacy, Cost Efficiency, & Impact on Outcomes

Leila Wood, Anna Wasim, Noël Busch-Armendariz, Matt Kammer-Kerwick, Margaret Bassett & Bruce Kellison

Technical Report VOICE: Victim Services Occupation, Information, and Compensation Experiences Survey

Leila Wood, Karin Wachter, Alex Wang, Matt Kammer-Kerwick & Noël Busch-Armendariz

Statewide Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence in Texas

Noël Bridget Busch-Armendariz, Laurie Cook Heffron & Tom Bohman

Texas State Plan to Address Family Violence: A Survey of Existing Services

Noël Bridget Busch-Armendariz & Laurie Cook Heffron
This project originated with a 2001 mandate by the Texas Legislature directing the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (then Texas Department of Human Services) to develop and maintain a plan for delivering family violence services. The Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault (IDVSA) at The University of Texas at Austin was commissioned by the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV) to collect information from service providers across Texas regarding the geographic distribution of...

Evaluation of the Dating Violence Prevention Project: The Use of Theatre as an Educational Tool

Noël Bridget Busch, Shanti Kulkarni, Heather Neuroth-Gatlin, Neely Mahapatra & Kyeonghee Jang
The Dating Violence Prevention Project is a collaborative effort between SafePlace and the Theatre Action Project (TAP) with the goal to develop a prevention project that addresses healthy relationships and dating violence using youth theater. SafePlace is a nonprofit agency that serves domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, and the Theater Action Project is a nonprofit agency whose mission it is to create and promote interactive theater and educational programming that ignites community dialogue around...

Humor as a persuasive tool for social change

Kaelah Jean Fox &
This report was undertaken to explore how humor may be an underprized tool for social change. An examination of research from multiple disciplines revealed that humor is a multifaceted construct, capable of fulfilling contradictory functions in parallel. Previous reviews and empirical research of humorous communication find that humor can achieve myriad tasks, and typically does so via the elaboration likelihood model's (Petty & Cacioppo, 1986) peripheral processing and related phenomena. Humor can be used persuasively...

Atlas of salt domes in the East Texas Basin

M. P. A. Jackson

The geology of Grayson County, Texas

Accompanied by 1 foldout : Geologic map of Grayson county, Texas

Facies architecture and production characteristics of strandplain reservoirs in the Frio Formation, Texas

Noel Tyler

A partial report on the geology of western Texas

George Gettz Shumard
A partial report on the geology of western Texas, consisting of a general geological report and a journal of geological observations along the routes traveled by the expedition between Indianola, Texas, and the valley of the Mimbres, New Mexico, during the years 1855 and 1856; with an appendix giving a detailed report on the geology of Grayson County. By Prof. Geo. G. Shumard, Assistant State Geologist of Texas

Observations from the East Texas seismic network (June 1981-August 1982)

Wayne D. Pennington

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