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Telegram Regarding Communication Channels

Telegram from Rusk concerning official and unofficial channels for communication in the case of emergency.

Telegram Regarding Attache Incidents

Telegram reiterating aim of establishing amiable climate for attaches in Warsaw after numerous incidents.

Telegram Regarding Release of Captain Smith

Telegram with letter for Ambassador Wang from Ambassador Cabot concerning release of Captain Philip Smith.

Telegram Regarding Warsaw Post Appointment

Telegram stating nuances of the announcement concerning new Warsaw post appointment.

Telegram Regarding Ambassadorial Resignation and Appointment

Telegram regarding Presidential acceptance of resignation and intention to appoint John Gronouski as new Polish Ambassador.

Memo Regarding Presidential Message

Memo from Read suggesting comments for 33rd Poznan International Trade Fair.

Telegram Regarding Gormulka Plan

Telegram regarding recommendations concerning the Gormulka plan.

Telegram Regarding Summary of Conversation

Telegram summarizing conversations with Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroszewicz and Vice Chairman of Council of State Kulcyznyski.

Note Regarding Marian Dobrosielski

Note concerning upcoming meeting with Adviser to Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rapacki.

Note Regarding Logistics and Briefing of Presidential meeting with Ambassador Gronouski

Note to Rostow from Read preceeding memo on briefing material for Presidential meeting with Ambassador Gronouski.

Memo Regarding Polish Proclamation

Memo to President from Read expressing political value of Polish proclamation and celebratory event in its honor.

Memo Regarding Approval of State Department Proclamation

Memo to President from Rostow detailing George Ball approval and logistics of proclamation.

Note Regarding Polish Government Stance Towards Constitution Day

Note to Bundy from Klein detailing Polish Government stance towards Polish Constitution Day and Brzezinski.

Note Regarding Missed Information

Note to Bundy from Chase identifying note missed while on leave.

Note Regarding Courtesy Call

Note from Bundy suggesting courtesy call after September 1.

Note Regarding White House from Rostow to Read

Note from Read to Rostow regarding enclosed file for White House clearance prior to transmission.

Memo Regarding Briefing Material for Ambassador Cabot's Call on the President

Memo detailing Presidential call with Ambassador Cabot and possible subjects of conversation.

Memo Regarding Mood of Administration Towards Cabot Meeting

Memo detailing attached memorandum rom State indicating Ambassador to Poland keen to meet with President.

Memo Regarding Authorization for Export-Import Bank Credit Guarantees

Memo regarding Export-Import Bank credit and conditions and authorization.

Memo Regarding Export-Import Bank Guarantee on Non-Agricultural Products

Memo regarding bank guarantees concerning Rumania and Poland.

Memo Regarding Approval of Postmaster Visit

Memo to Bundy from Moyers detailing Presidential approval.

Telegram Regarding White House Millenium Celebration

Telegram suggesting remarks on East-West policy for White House millenium celebration.

Note Regarding Shift of Economic Transactions with Poles from Aid to Commercial Sales

Note to Bundy from Klein detailing agreement for sale of $90 million worth of surplus agricultural commodities.

Memorandum of Conversation Regarding Recent Conversation with Ambassador Drozniak

Memorandum recounting recent conversations with Polish Ambassador Drozniak concerning recent trips to New England and Warsaw, and breaches of confidence.

Memorandum of Conversation Regarding Discussion of Vietnam at Luncheon

Memoradum briefly detailing points concerning Vietnam and made with Minister Winiwiecz at luncheon.

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