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38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow, and the Beginning of the Frontier’s End by Scott W. Berg (2012)

Hannah Ballard

Fluid-induced large deformation at soft material interfaces with blisters and craters

Shutao Qiao
This dissertation focuses on fluid-induced large deformation at interfaces where at least one material is soft, i.e. materials with low Young’s modulus and capable of large deformation. Soft materials are finding important applications in many emerging fields such as soft electronics, soft robotics, and bio-integrated devices. Most often, soft materials have to form interfaces with other materials where fluids may present. Such interfacial fluids may affect attachment in negative or positive ways but so far,...

Read More About the First World War

Joan Neuberger

Medieval Islam and its Monuments

Joan Neuberger

On Women and Nation in India

Indrani Chatterjee

A Jesuit in the Forbidden City: Matteo Ricci, 1552-1610, by R. Po-chia Hsia (2010)

Shery Chanis

The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa, by Frederick John Dealtry Lugard (1965)

Ogechukwu Ezekwem

Digital History: A Guide by Daniel J. Cohen and Roy Rosenzweig (2006): New Archive (No. 18)

Maria José Afanador-Llach

The state of the art in monitoring and verification—Ten years on

C. Jenkins, A. Chadwick & Susan D. Hovorka

Quantification of CO2 masses trapped through free convection process in isothermal brine saturated reservoir

A. Islam & Alexander Y. Sun

Simulating the Cranfield geological carbon sequestration project with high-resolution static models and an accurate equation of state

M.R. Soltanian, M.A. Ammoie, D.R. Cole, D.E. Graham, Seyyed A. Hosseini, Susan D. Hovorka, S.M. Pfiffner, T.J. Phelps & J. Moortgat

Using pulse testing for leakage detection in carbon storage reservoirs: A field demonstration

Alexander Y. Sun, J. Lu, B.M. Freifeld, Susan D. Hovorka & A. Islam

Deaf People and Vocational Rehabilitation: Who Is Being Served?

Jeffrey Levi Palmer, Carrie Lou Garberoglio, Savio Woon-Hay Chan, Stephanie W. Cawthon & Adam Sales

Supplemental figures (averaged waveforms) for: Auditory evoked potentials: Differences by sex, race, and menstrual cycle and correlations with common psychoacoustical tasks

Dennis McFadden, Craig A. Champlin, Michelle H. Pho, Edward G. Pasanen, Mindy M. Maloney & Erin M. Leshikar

Distribution of SARS-CoV-2 RNA Signal in a Home with COVID-19 Positive Occupants

Juan P. Maestre, David Jarma, Cesca Yu, Jeff Siegel, Sharon Horner & Kerry A. Kinney
Although many COVID-19 patients quarantine and recover at home, the dispersal of SARS-CoV-2 onto surfaces and dust within the home environment remains poorly understood. To investigate the distribution and persistence of SARS-CoV-2 in a quarantine home, samples were collected from a household with two confirmed COVID-19 cases (one adult and one child). Home surface swab and dust samples were collected two months after symptom onset (and one month after symptom resolution) in the household. The...

Doctoral thesis recital (saxophone)

Sarah Hetrick
D’un matin de printemps : (1917) / Lili Boulanger -- Circling Point : (2014) / Charlotte Bray -- Highwire : (2020) / Tonia Ko [no audio file] -- Kundalini II : (2020) / Rodrigo Bussad [no audio file]

Marine Science News (2018, Issue 17)

The Robot Economy: Here It Comes

Miguel Arduengo
This research paper is was in Good Systems Network Digest released in 2020.

(2002-2003) Assembly Resolution 05: Calling for the University of Texas at Austin to Adopt a Student Employee Grievance Policy

Brian Haley & Paul Navratil

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