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(2002-2003) Assembly Appropriations 24: Indian Students Association

The University Of Texas Community

(2002-2003) Assembly Appropriations 28: Filipino Students’ Association

The University Of Texas Community

The PLATES 2020 Atlas of Plate Reconstructions (500 Ma to Present Day), PLATES Progress Report No. 396-1220

L.A. Lawver, I.O. Norton, I.W.D. Dalziel & M.B. Davis
This atlas presents plate reconstructions from 500 Ma to the present-day derived by the PLATES Project, Institute for Geophysics, The University of Texas at Austin. The atlas was made possible through the scientific contributions of many researchers, from UTIG and from other institutions. Their efforts are highly appreciated by the members of the PLATES research team. The atlas was created using the PaleoGIS (paleogis.com) for ArcGIS plate reconstruction software by The Rothwell Group, L.P., and...

(2002-2003) Student Government Minutes: 10-15-2002

The University Of Texas Community

(2002-2003) Student Government Minutes: 01-21-2003

The University Of Texas Community

Designing Human-AI Partnerships to Combat Misinfomation

Matt Lease

Following African American Male 8th Graders through College: A Digest of Longitudinal Enrollment and Graduation Patterns in Texas

Victor B Sáenz, Jorge Burmicky, Wonsun Ryu & Jones Veronica
This Project MALES Research Digest explores the longitudinal enrollment and degree/certificate completion patterns of African American men in Texas. Our data originate from the 8th Grade Cohort Longitudinal Study collected by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating (THECB). We tracked students' enrollment and completion trends by Educational Service Center (ESC) and by county. We examine differences and changes by gender, race, and region as it pertains to percentages of: (1) 2-year enrollment; (2) 4-year enrollment; (3)...

(2002-2003) Assembly Appropriations 21: Sigma Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.

The University Of Texas Community

(2002-2003) Student Government Minutes: 02-18-2003

The University Of Texas Community

Spatial arrangement of deformation bands and processes of formation within porous sandstone : Arches National Park, Utah

Timothy David Gibbons
Individual deformation bands within porous sandstones reduce permeability and form barriers to fluid flow. A network of deformation bands can destroy reservoir connectivity and impose compartmentalization. Consequently, the spatial arrangement of deformation bands affects fluid flow within sandstone reservoirs, but it is unknown whether deformation bands occur at random locations or whether they follow systematic patterns. This study, undertaken at Arches National Park, examined the spatial arrangement of deformation bands in the Moab Member of...

Lesson 2: Religious Resistance of Mexico’s Indigenous Peoples

Scott Cook & Kurt Kirkman
Through a primary source document-based inquiry, students will examine the beliefs and rituals of some Indigenous groups in Mexico at the time of the Spanish invasion and their resistance to Christianization efforts.

Development of functional materials for extraction, sequestration, and separation applications

Robert Francis Fimognari
The separation and purification of elements, ions, and molecules are of great importance to a wide arrays of chemical industries. To this end, materials are continuously being designed to effect and improve upon these separations. Herein are described three classes of materials for the separation of specific analytes of interest. Polymeric extractants were developed based on the incorporation of selective ligands through ring-opening metathesis polymerization, and polymers bearing picolinic acid functionalized pendant groups were shown...

Alienating Iranians from their environment : irrigation, flood control, and public health in late Pahlavi Khuzestan

Bryan Campbell Sitzes &
This thesis explores the changing relationship between rural Iranians, the state, and the environment in the mid-20th century through a regional study of the province of Khuzestan, in southwestern Iran. This research differs from predominant histories of modernization in Iran by its use of an environmental historical framework and its focus on rural communities on the national periphery. Environmental history, as opposed to political, economic, intellectual, or feminist history, emphasizes the dynamic dialectical relationship between...

Writing foreign stardom under autarchy : affect, nationalism and the Americas in early Franquista Spanish culture

Diana Ruth Norton
This dissertation questions the assumption that foreign films solely provided modes of escapism or opportunities to subvert societal norms under the early Franco regime. In essence, I show how complex political operations underlay the reception and marketing in Spain of foreign films and transnational star images. Using archival research, I examine the way that the Spanish press wrote about Hollywood and Latin American film actresses between 1945 and 1953, taking as case studies the star...

The MoveSMART physical activity web game : an experience report

Dylan Francis Bray &
Physical activity guidelines for children recommend a minimum of 60 minutes of daily moderate to vigorous activity according to the US Department of Health and Human Services. MoveSMART is a cooperative, web-based game created to motivate increases in physical activity while integrating curriculum-based content for elementary school students. It primarily consists of a map overlaid with module waypoints that are unlocked with progress on a class's journey across the State of Texas (4th Grade) or...

Teaching an old drug new tricks : exploring formulation and route of delivery methods for repurposing drugs to treat CNS diseases

Zachary Nielson Warnken &
A major barrier to the treatment of central nervous system delivery is the ability to target drug delivery to the brain. The brain is protected by the blood-brain barrier, making it difficult for both small and especially large molecule drugs to reach their sight of action. With recent advancements in high throughput screening, some already marketed drugs have been found to be active in treating central nervous system diseases such as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), however,...

Testing safety-critical systems using Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Jason Eric Trout &
Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) provides features for behavioral analysis, requirements traceability, system architecture, simulation, testing, and performance analysis that are imperative for the testing of safety-critical systems. In this report, we present a case study of a simple safety-critical system, and model the system using UML (Unified Modeling Language), SysML (Systems Modeling Language), and AADL (Architecture Analysis and Design Language). We then extend the AADL model with user-defined properties and annexes to augment additional analysis...

Planning for autonomous vehicles : ridesharing and traffic control

Prashanth Venkatraman
This report address two problems that could drive the adoption of autonomous vehicles (AV) – shared autonomous vehicle routing (SAV) problem and the autonomous intersection management system (AIM) location problem. The SAV routing problem is finding the optimal SAV to passenger matching as well as the SAV route choice. Since widespread use of SAVs would have significant effects on traffic congestion, we develop a new tabu search heuristic for the SAV routing problem under the...

From Winckelmann to Wilde : masculinity and the historical poetics of nineteenth-century British Hellenism

Dorrel Thomas Spitzer-Hanks &
This dissertation is a survey of nineteenth-century British Hellenism in texts authored between 1768 and 1895 by elite, bourgeois, and working-class people both female and male. Beginning in 18th-century Germany, the dissertation tracks the influence of Johann Joachim Winckelmann on nineteenth-century British Hellenism, asserting that there is a characteristic cluster of representational attributes visible in British Hellenist texts that display a shared ideological emphasis. Winckelmann, who rose from humble beginnings to become the Vatican’s prefect...

Limited feedback scheme using tensor decompositions for FDD massive MIMO systems

Kevin Jinho Joe
We propose a novel limited feedback scheme for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems in frequency-division duplexing (FDD) wideband system. We assume that the user (UE) has knowledge of a downlink (DL) channel estimate. In order for massive MIMO systems to achieve high capacity, the base station (BS) must have the DL channel state information. Traditional feedback methods cannot work because channels for massive MIMO systems are usually too large to feedback within the coherence time....

Bridging the time and length scales of process systems with data

Calvin Tsay
This report reviews the role of data as a “bridge” connecting the different time/length scales of chemical processes in mathematical modeling and multiscale, integrated decision making. This report further argues that this is a fitting role of “big data” in the chemical industry, an area that comprises complicated, yet deterministic, physical systems. Such systems can be described using physical and chemical laws that are generally well-understood. As such, data and their analyses are less likely...

Made to measure : the tape measure and the construction of the ideal American, 1800-1939

Kristen Marie Wilson
Today, most Americans use the tape measure to track children’s height or to find measurements for clothing. In this report, I trace the history of the tape measure from its invention by English tailors in the early 1800s through its uses by racial scientists, bodybuilders, performers, and average Americans attempting to validate their racial and gender-coded identities. I argue that the tape measure is an incredibly important artifact of the push for standardization of the...

Other gods, other powers : numinous horror in American literature

Alejandro Omidsalar
The Gothic has literary criticism in an interpretive stranglehold. Despite their wide cultural and temporal sweep, studies of the Gothic mode depend almost uniformly on suspicious reading practices, frequently overlooking the supernatural ideas that initially animated the Gothic and other, lesser-known modes of horror. At the same time, the Gothic mode—especially in its American context—is entwined with Judeo-Christian moral positions and political-historical anxieties, ensuring a human-centered ontological outlook that maintains narrow parameters for what sorts...

Living on the edge : the Iran-Iraq frontier, 1881-1981

Shaherzad Rashin Ahmadi
In the late nineteenth-century, burgeoning nation-states began to surveil their inhabitants and incorporated them into the national community as citizens, teachers, soldiers, and civil servants. Enforcing laws in frontiers, however, often proved difficult in the Middle East, as armed tribes exploited their proximity to borders in order to avoid taxes, military conscription, and the pressure to settle. By examining Iranian and Iraqi sources from the nineteenth- to twentieth-century, “Living on the Edge” argues that the...

American Identity Measure: CAPAS (Spanish version)

Ruben Parra-Cardona
Latinx populations in the United States (US) continue to be seriously impacted by persistent health disparities. According to the 2018 Monitoring the Future Study, Latinx adolescents had the highest rates of use of most illicit drugs compared to other ethnic groups. When considering differential risks among Latinxs, US-born youth in low-income first-generation families are at high risk for experiencing poverty, discrimination, and barriers to access services. These adolescents can also be exposed to deleterious parent-youth...

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