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Printmaking of the Past, Present, and Future: The Legacy of Sam Z. Coronado

Cassie Smith

Robert Dale (Bob) Anderson (1949-2010)

The Fine Arts Library is proud to exhibit the work of artist Robert Dale Anderson. Anderson was an esteemed art teacher here at the University of Texas for over twenty years. The fourth floor of the FAL is the current home to Anderson's elaborate found-object construction "Male"(c.1980's). On the fifth floor, there are two more sculptural works by Anderson, "Almost" (1983-85) and "White Girl" (1995). Also on exhibit are four lithographs of intricate drawings by...

The Agency

Michael Cerna, Erin Clark, Madelyn Ham & Caitlin Rounds
For this project, we created a comic book based off the show, The Office. We wanted to use scenes from the show to illustrate how situations involving diversity, gender, and brand promises can be handled in a morally correct manner.

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