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Three dimensional seismic imaging of the Costa Rica accretionary margin

Degrees of Transformation: An Analysis of Part and Present Christian Strategies to Address Racism

Kimberly Hill

Military Government and the Military Mind: Case Study of Bolivia

Sergio Moreno

Nayika: The Question of the Heroine in Bharata Natyam Classical Indian Dance

Geeti Shirazi Mahajan

Growth Hormone Therapy: An Ethical Approach

Carl Kenyon

Bayesian Methods in Computing the Ages of Galactic Star Clusters

James Scott

\"A Merry Cancer Brought\" An Animated Thesis Film

Aaron Raff

Human PGK2 Protein As a Target for Immunocontraception in Males

David Metter

Ritual and Shamanic Language in Greater Amazonia

Greg Finley

Inside the Colonias

Hayley Austin

Is There a Cure? An Analysis of Medical Liability in the United States

Kimberly Carter

Sunburn and Autumn: A Collection of Poetry

Keaton Shuttlesworth

The Psychological Effects of Sport Participation on Children

Madeline Mathews

Problems of Prosecution: War Crime Trials in Post Dirty War Argentina

Nathaniel Thomas

The Nashville Agrarians and the Southern Renascence

Peter Bouck

WMD Terrorism and Deterrence: Lessons Past and Present

Patrick McMillin

Institutional Racism in Corporate America as Seen Through the Experience of African-Americans

Pavithra Menon

Fixing America's Teeth: Access to Dental Care for Children on Medicaid

Patrick Whittington

The Status of Women and Reproductive Care in Urban Indian Slums

Shilpa Agraharkar

Immigrant Health Care in the United States: A Three-State Analysis of Policy, Access, and Costs

Todd Danziger

Remember Paoli: The Personal, Political, and Social Consequences of the Corsican Revolution

Andrew Vickers

The Ideology of Tao Yuanming in Contemporary Mainland Chinese Media

Bincheng Wu

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