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Letter from Emmett L. Bennett Jr. to Mabel Lang,February 5, 1960

Emmett L. Bennett
Bennett suggests that fragment 731 be tried with 39/547.2, indicating that they could be joined together based on the wickerwork marks on their backs. He then asks if specific inscriptions are sealings and if he can get to work on them.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., May 15, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang admits that she's gotten more acknowledgments since a publication, namely from John Chadwick, and that she plans to review MT II from the American Journal of Archaeology soon.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., September 22, 1959

Mabel Lang
Lang reports retaking photographs of some tablets and encloses prints and a negative of tablet 1010 for Bennett.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., January 15, 1960

Mabel Lang
Lang discusses features of Ua 17 and Cn 45 and replies to Bennett's questions from earlier correspondence.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., December 15, 1961

Mabel Lang
Lang writes about a picture from November 17th that she uncovered and suggests ordering an extra fifty offprints of something.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., August 5, 1961

Mabel Lang
Lang notifies Bennett of her return from Greece and that she has finally started work on a paper.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., October 11, 1962

Mabel Lang
Lang confirms that she has Pendlebury's guide to the Stratigraphical Museum and asks if what she has written on Ma 216 needs any correction.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., September 11, 1962

Mabel Lang
Lang answers a question about 1314 and offers queries about Cn 655 and Cn 719 fragment readings.

Letter from Getzel M. Cohen to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., April 23, 1986

Getzel M. Cohen
Cohen notifies Bennett that the BBC TV series "In Search of the Trojan War" will soon air on PBS, which utilizes materials from the University of Cincinnati's excavations at Troy and Pylos in its production. He also thanks Bennett for supporting the Carl W. Blegen Professorship in Greek Archaeology.

Letter from Mabel Lang to , October 13, 1965

An elementary school student thanks Lang for the presentation she showed his group. He mentions an experiment involving graham-crackers and string and asks whether an experiment she described came out.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., February 6, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang writes how gall from a certain species of gall fly was eaten as a fruit on Crete.

Letter from Mabel Lang to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., March 29, 1958

Mabel Lang
Lang briefly writes about her vacation and tells Bennett that a photo of Fr. 1260 is life-sized.

Letter from George Huxley to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., January 24, 1958

George Huxley
Huxley verifies the receipt of the work "Tentative Texts of Tablets found at Pylos 1955" on behalf of the British School at Athens and thanks Bennett for the gift.

Letter from Petar Ilievski to Emmett L. Bennett Jr., undated

Petar Ilievski
Description not available

Telegram Regarding Consultation Meeting

Telegram from Rusk referencing future consultation meeting.

Telegram Regarding American Request for Polish Approach to Conference

Telegram proposing American request to Poles to bring North Vietnam to the conference table with opportunity for saving face.

Telegram Regarding Communication Channels

Telegram from Rusk concerning official and unofficial channels for communication in the case of emergency.

Telegram Regarding Attache Incidents

Telegram reiterating aim of establishing amiable climate for attaches in Warsaw after numerous incidents.

Telegram Regarding Release of Captain Smith

Telegram with letter for Ambassador Wang from Ambassador Cabot concerning release of Captain Philip Smith.

Telegram Regarding Warsaw Post Appointment

Telegram stating nuances of the announcement concerning new Warsaw post appointment.

Telegram Regarding Ambassadorial Resignation and Appointment

Telegram regarding Presidential acceptance of resignation and intention to appoint John Gronouski as new Polish Ambassador.

Memo Regarding Presidential Message

Memo from Read suggesting comments for 33rd Poznan International Trade Fair.

Telegram Regarding Gormulka Plan

Telegram regarding recommendations concerning the Gormulka plan.

Telegram Regarding Summary of Conversation

Telegram summarizing conversations with Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroszewicz and Vice Chairman of Council of State Kulcyznyski.

Note Regarding Marian Dobrosielski

Note concerning upcoming meeting with Adviser to Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rapacki.

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