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Variational methods with dependence structure

Mingzhang Yin &
It is a common practice among humans to deduce, to explain and to make predictions based on concepts that are not directly observable. In Bayesian statistics, the underlying propositions of the unobserved latent variables are summarized in the posterior distribution. With the increasing complexity of real-world data and statistical models, fast and accurate inference for the posterior becomes essential. Variational methods, by casting the posterior inference problem in the optimization framework, are widely used for...

Physical inactivity does not impair the insulin-lowering effects of moderate-intensity exercise, yet it does impair fat metabolism

Michael Dial &
Acute exercise and physical activity improve insulin sensitivity, glucose tolerance, and postprandial lipemia, although recent research suggests that physical inactivity may attenuate some of these healthy metabolic benefits of exercise. This study aimed to determine how two days of physical inactivity and physical activity affected exercise-induced changes in plasma insulin, glucose, and triglyceride concentrations during an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) performed the next morning. Five untrained men (n=2) and women (n=3) completed three five-day...

An actor prepares (to audition)

Michael Andrew Killianey
This thesis outlines the development of a script for a short performance piece entitled "An Actor Prepares (to Audition)." The piece is approximately twenty minutes long and features the author, a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from the Department of Theatre and Dance at the University of Texas at Austin. This thesis describes the process the author used to select and prepare a body of audition material and contains a...

Fine-grained visual comparisons

Aron Yingbo Yu
Beyond recognizing objects, a computer vision system ought to be able to compare them. A promising way to represent visual comparisons is through attributes, which are mid-level properties that appear across category boundaries. The ability to compare attributes opens up new opportunities in areas such as online shopping, object recognition, and human biometrics, where a relative decision is often more informative than its binary counterpart. For example, given two human faces, a decision that one...

Natural history, behavior, and bacterial microbiomes of a socially polymorphic spider, Anelosimus studiosus

Emma Irene Dietrich
Anelosimus studiosus is a unique spider; throughout its range from Argentina to New England, most adult females are solitary and subsocial (provide maternal care). However, in the northernmost parts of its range in the United States, adult females sometimes live in cooperative aggregations. While this social polymorphism has been well defined in specific regions of A. studiosus’ range, it is not so thoroughly described elsewhere. Therefore, I first describe the aggregative behavior, natural history, and...

Weak Order and Disorder of Quantum States Invariant Under Onsite Action by an Arbitrary Finite Group on a Spin Chain

Maxim Zelenko
In his paper “Constraints on order and disorder parameters in quantum spin chains,” Michael Levin derived general constraints on order and disorder parameters in Ising symmetric quantum spin chains. Levin’s main result in his paper was a theorem showing that in a circular spin chain, any local Hamiltonian that has a non-degenerate ground state and is translationally invariant and Ising symmetric must at least have either a nonzero order parameter or a nonzero disorder parameter....

Membrane fouling : mechanisms, modeling, and mitigation

Alon Yeshayahu Kirschner
Membrane systems are used for water treatment in many industries due to their small footprint, low chemical and energy use, and ease of operation. However, membrane fouling remains a challenge, especially for highly concentrated feeds. Fouling increases hydraulic resistance, lowers water permeance and increases energy consumption. Fouled membranes require expensive cleaning or replacement, increasing operating costs. This study focuses on understanding fouling mechanisms in constant flux crossflow operation, commonly used in industry, and on development...

Thin film growth and deposition of functional perovskite oxides

Bryce Isaiah Edmondson &
The research documented in this work focuses on the growth and deposition of thin film perovskite oxides for their electronic and photonic functionalities. The ever increasing demand for faster electronic devices, particularly in the realm of micro and nanoelectronics, is requiring diversification of the materials used in typical semiconductor-based integrated circuits. Metal oxides, particularly those in the perovskite family of materials, offers a wide range of functionalities that can both increase device performance and add...

The Plastered Skulls

Denise Schmandt-Besserat
‘Ain Ghazal is a Neolithic site located near Amman, Jordan. It was excavated between 1982 and 1998 by an American-Jordanian team directed by Gary O. Rollefson, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wa. and Zeidan Kafafi, the University of Yarmouk at Irbid, Jordan. ‘Ain Ghazal was first settled about 7250 B.C., during the so-called Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB) period. In a matter of a few centuries the village of stone houses had spread over 30 acres along...

The effect of dispersal behavior on stability in populations, communities, and ecosystems

Robert Andrew Deans &
Habitat choice, when organisms move among habitat patches in a directed fashion based on environmental cues, is an underappreciated force in Ecology. Theoretical work suggests that such choice behavior might be a potent source of stability in populations, communities, and ecosystems. I tested the effects of dispersal behavior on stability with a series of mesocosm experiments at each of these scales. In populations of snails with stochastic disturbance, I found that movement among patches was...

Viage y naufragios del Macedonio de Juan Baptista de Loyola : a critical edition

Juan Bautista De Loyola &
The text of Juan Bautista de Loyola's Viage y naufragios del Macedonio has been reproduced from photostats of a well preserved copy of the novel in the Library of the Hispanic Society of America. Evident errors as well as occasional imperfections have been indicated in both the text and footnotes in the conventional manner. The sixteenth-century spelling has been retained intact, but the punctuation and capitalization have been modernized, the long sentences have been shortened,...

Parental psychopathology, parental anxiety, family functioning and childhood anxiety treatment outcome in an enhanced cognitive-behavioral therapy intervention with parent training component

Annette Lynn Cantu &
This study aimed to examine the association between parental and familial factors and child treatment outcome during a child-focused anxiety disorder treatment with parental training component. The sample included in this study consisted of 66 youth, ages 7-17, diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, or Separation Anxiety Disorder, along with at least one participating parent. Therapists were assigned to both parent and child in an enhanced CBT program based in the Texas Child Study...

Studies of intense laser driven cluster explosions

Matthias Hohenberger
Recent studies of the explosions of atomic clusters driven by high intensity femtosecond laser pulses have shown that at a sufficiently high intensity and fast laser rise time, the clusters can be stripped of all the electrons. The subsequent explosion is caused by the mutual Coulomb repulsion of the remaining ions. Assuming that the sudden inner cluster ionization approximation (SICI) is applicable, at the temporal onset of the Coulomb explosion all of the relevant electrons...

AI, Mental Health, and COVID-19

S. Craig Watkins
You are viewing a publication from UT Affiliates that was in the Good Systems Network Digest in May 2020

Joint Model of App-Based Ridehailing Adoption, Intensity of Use and Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) Consideration among Workers in Chennai City

Gopindra Sivakumar Nair & Chandra R. Bhat
You are viewing a past publication from the Good Systems Network Digest in July 2020.

A Model of Deadheading Trips and Pick-Up Locations for Ride-Hailing Service Vehicles

Gopindra S. Nair & Chandra R. Bhat
You are viewing a past publication from the Good Systems Network Digest in July 2020.

High-nickel layered oxide cathodes for high-energy-density lithium-ion batteries

The thriving energy-storage market has been motivating enormous efforts to advance the state-of-art lithium-ion batteries. The development of cathode materials, in particular, holds the key to realizing the high-energy-density and low-cost promise. Among the insertion-reaction cathodes currently in play, the layered oxides, especially the LiNiO₂-based high-Ni type, are being intensively pursued as one of the most promising candidates. However, the high-Ni layered oxides inherently encounter a trade-off between capacity and stability - the higher the...

Stable high energy density batteries based on microstructure modified Ni-rich lithium intercalating cathodes and a surface-stabilized metallic lithium anode

Ho Hyun Sun &
While lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) are widely used in electric vehicles (EVs), many customers are disinclined to buy EVs because of their limited range. Significant increase in the range requires higher specific capacity electrodes for an equal or higher operating voltage battery, exemplified in this thesis by a metallic lithium anode and a high-Ni content layered oxide cathode. The instability of the lithium metal surface and the particle-fracturing in the high-Ni layered oxides have in the...

Studies of electrode materials for lithium and sodium metal batteries

Melissa Lynn Meyerson
There is a need for higher capacity batteries to address the increasing energy demand for electric vehicles and portable technologies. With more than ten times the capacity of current graphite anodes, Li metal is an ideal replacement; however, it suffers from safety and efficiency problems that have so far prevented it from being commercialized. In particular, Li metal has a tendency to form dendritic structures during electrodeposition, which not only present a high surface area...

A kaleidoscope: The role of the social work practitioner and the strength of social work theories and practice in meeting the complex needs of people trafficked and the professionals that work with them

Noël Busch-Armendariz, Maura Busch Nsonwu & Laurie Cook Heffron
This qualitative research study explored responses to trafficking in persons. Fifty-five (n = 55) interviews were collected and data were analyzed using qualitative iterative processes. The social worker and the utilization of social work perspectives provided a strong and effective framework for service delivery and effective interdisciplinary collaboration. The ecological, strengths-based, and victim-center approaches were a benefit to survivors and professionals specifically around coordinated efforts, trust-building, and increased cultural competence. Findings also support that individuals...

Machine-learning-based models, methods, and software for intensity, vulnerability, and risk assessment of Central U.S. induced earthquakes

Farid Khosravikia
Since 2009, the Central U.S. has been subjected to a new type of seismic hazard attributed to human activities from the petroleum industry. Since then, there has been an increase in the number of earthquakes in the Central U.S. from an average of 25 per year in 2008 to 365 in 2017. These earthquakes can adversely affect the safety of infrastructure in the region, considering most were designed with minimal to no seismic detailing considerations...

Stuttering in academia : minimizing stereotype threat for college students who stutter

Danielle Rae Werle
Although stuttering is a neurophysiological disorder with a genetic predisposition, the persisting stereotype threat is that stuttering is psychological with persons who stutter being mis-perceived as more nervous, less intelligent, and less capable of fulfilling roles that require significant communication. These misperceptions have been documented in children who do and do not stutter, adults who do and do not stutter, parents, and professionals across a wide variety of disciplines. In the university setting, professors’ perceptions...

Civic arts practices : emerging practices at the intersection of urban planning and the arts

Lynn Ann Kalsched Osgood &
Within the planning profession, the arts and culture sector has been emerging over the past a decade as a vital component of urban and rural planning processes. Once considered to be only adjacent to the more central issues of housing, economic development, and infrastructure planning, the arts sector is now becoming an integrated part of each of these areas of practice. Planning frameworks most often incorporate arts and culture in the form of “discrete elements,”...

Cenozoic history of northeastern Chispa quadrangle, Trans-Pecos, Texas

Tertiary beds of tuff and related sedimentary deposits with intercalated lava flows, comprising an aggregate thickness of slightly more than 1,000 feet, rest with an angular unconformity upon Cretaceous and Permian. This volcanic sequence is placed in the McCutcheon group (Eifler, 1951), and no names are proposed for the individual members. The early flows are found in a basin-like depression with a very thick water-laid tuff section directly above, but the remaining flows and tuffs...

Oil and gas in the great state of Tejas : centering land tenure histories of fracking geographies within the Texas-Mexico border landscape

Andrea Christina Wirsching
This dissertation examines the Texas-Mexico border oil and gas landscape and the unequitable distributions of impacts and benefits these extractive activities produce. I situate my work within critical, interdisciplinary literature on the relationship between the exploitation of natural resources and wealth distribution, and the explicit problematization of inherent uniqueness of border spaces. I utilized a critical, multi-disciplinary framework drawing from political ecology, planning, and border studies, to critique and inform more nuanced vulnerability assessments and...

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